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  1. I'm not into public sex, but looking for intelligent male partner who would like to swing with other couples. Ant suggestions where I could meet like minded people. EST timezone
  2. Just had to post this to you..I have had an identical experience as you. I will add some of these players are very, very good. They have a whole story and persona to hook you. My last one had had a devastating breakup of relationship lasting several years..I can assure you this is just hogwash as he was a self centred, inconsiderate controlling guy no one would put up with that including me. but sad to say he did hook me in the beginning and I paid the price . feel free to say hi in world...
  3. Be very careful..there are guys out there who will see you and manipulate you - they are very experienced players. I'm not saying all...but many. They will tell yo you are adorable, intoxicating, they are becoming addicted to you...they will see you a great deal in the beginning then it will get less and less. It happened to me i got totally hooked on a guy that saw me 2hrs per week...<I was one of many girlfriends). They are very convincing and you can get very hurt if you are not careful.. Good luck
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