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  1. Okay.. so now that many people have to disable basic shaders.. now what do we do? Multiple viewers have to have them off or I get that stupid pink texture screw up on various items.. so now what? shadows and such used to work just fine.. my video and graphics and processor are all rather up there. I can run Second Life on Ultra and keep it there, otherwise, and still have background processes if I need to have them running.. so what now? Is there a second option for Shaders that I have not been told about or found out about? I would love to have the beauty of Second Life and i
  2. I checked the Stretch Textures.. and that mostly fixed inworld.. but now there is another minor problem I am not sure if this is a thing or not. I have triangles set the same on high to medium.. so it looks good as I zoom out.. my texture looks okay up close but as soon as I zoom out it goes back to being silly. Everything is triangulated and such.. but zooming out seems to be a problem. Is this a thing I should expect.. or is this still being an indicator I did not fix my problem yet? Below are snapshots of the zoom out threshold I found.. zoomed out vs zoomed in by one
  3. I did find out that I did not have this checked.. I checked it. It fixed 90% of the problem.. thanks for the step towards success
  4. Wait Nevermind.. I went to scale it inworld and the texture screwed up and will not go back to where it was even though I Ctrl+Z (undo) .. What the heck is going on here.. It was just fine
  5. Ok I think I got it. I fixed it but.. I forgot entirely how I did it. I did a lot of futsing around. What I think what happened was .. well I did try to rotation and Scale.. and triangulated it but that did NOT work. It stayed the same upon the 4th upload.. So i opened blender in a second window and opened the last saved file of a mesh I uploaded the same day and copied every single setting it had between this mesh and the one that did not have problems. The differences Included the bad mesh having too many UV maps in the Materials/Texture section so I just made sure that I h
  6. I dont get it because I uploaded a total of about 4 meshes that same day and this was the only one that came up acting silly on me. It looked just fine in blender.. but I have yet to try to triangulate and rotate & scale .. but none of the other things I made that same day came out this way.. I tried every setting in SL.. on the uploader and on the viewer.. and in blender.. clipping and such I mean. Nothing got it. I am actively figuring it out today if I can..
  7. Might someone be able to help me understand this mess? I have made several mesh items and this is the first one to do this.. I already tried to "Clip" in the image mapping but this is the 3rd time I have exported this thing and it keeps doing this. Did I upload it wrong? I have normal UV's.. they're all in place every single time I check in Blender before uploading.. Nothing should have gone wrong.. but every texture I put into this object comes out like this mess as shown.
  8. How exactly does one obtain a Mesh dev kit? I know of the sites and the applications and such.. I have been through it all.. but never once have I been able to get my hands on one.. what is that somebody has to have in order to obtain a mesh dev kit? I know a lot of mesh body dev kit applications ask for a marketplace store location/URL and such.. are they looking for something in particular that you must sell in order to consider you for access? My original intent was to obtain mesh bodies to create mesh items for all of them, but not a single place I have tried wishes to allow
  9. As somebody who wishes to get into creating multi-textured anything.. I am still primitive in the fact that I do not know where to look for a HUD to customize (I guess?) into becoming a HUD for selecting hair textures out of multiple textures to apply to a mesh hair.. or any object I wish to have multiple colors of something for. Where does one go about finding a color changing HUD? I mean.. I make my own textures for stuff.. so I do not need something pre-loaded at all if I do not have to have one.. but where does one start? or... How does one start making one? Any learning curves
  10. I am able to create mesh hair creations, but I noticed that I am missing something.. something small. I make solid-looking hair, hair that has no "fly-aways" and no "strands" because I do not know how to texture them.. is there a tutorial out there that gives insight on how to create something like this (linked pictures as examples of what I am looking to learn to create)
  11. Here at The Peep Show we are looking for Staff!! We also have open adboards for ANYONE and they're all only 75L$ a week!! We are searching for females .. Human .. Furry .. Shemale, even! We need dedicated staff to work as Dancers, Escorts, or even DJs!! We would like to have workers during the night shifts if possible.. we only require 3hrs a week and thats it!! we have an hourly wage and on top of that you can keep 93% of ALL TIPS you earn!!~ Even if youve never worked in a club .. we might even consider you anyway. Just know how to operate basic functions in SL (like sitting) and speak
  12. You heard me right, 93% of your tips recived are yours for the keeping at Lucky F*ck Lounge!! We are hiring females, shemales, even female furries if you so wish to be to become dancers or escorts at our newly opened club! If you are a female and a DJ.. we are looking for you too! We have two different places to work on the same land instead of just one club on the land! We are finally open for business down here, so we need people like you to help us start the New Year of 2016 off right!! All we ask is that you come on down and ask for an application from me, Lexii Lungu, or the owner Zoe
  13. Over here inworld at Lucky Fck Lounge we are hiring dancers and escorts and even female DJs. We dont mind having shemales or female furries as staff either! 93% tip rate.. Verified Residents get an hourly wage bonus up to 50L$ and hour!! IM Lexii Lungu or Zoey Witherspoon inworld for more information and an application! Must have basic Second Life experience like being able to knoww how to sit or operate a pop-up menu and things like that. Must also have a female (or mostly female) avatar to work here! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chained%20Isle/56/218/22
  14. This message is also a test to see if I am indeed disabled from posting in the forums. It seems whenever i try to post somewhere.. it doesnt keep my message up and deletes ir right away I have no idea as to why it does this.. I've done nothing wrong or against guidelines at all so.. if anyone has an answer or if the server is down .. let me know. My threat just deletes itself after I post in the inworld employment forums.
  15. It seems to me that I cannot make a thread in the forums and have it stay. Was my account disabled or something from having the ability to post? I mean I make it and I post it and it shows in the immediate redirect page but if i refresh the page of threads, it's gone. This has been like this for three days. I thought the forums were under maintenence but I guess not. Posts are posted but still not my own.
  16. I cannot seem to make sense of the videos i see on google about how to rig mesh to an avatar. Let me just mention that right now. I run into videos that dont have the same version of Blender that I have (2.71 right now) and I dont seem to have the same Avastar Blender Mesh avi.. I do not have loops for armatures. There are no specified tabs and such as others have had in their tutorials shown all over Youtube and beyond. Id there anyone out there who can possibly just .. summarize if you will .. the process of rigging mesh to an avatar? I cannot seem to land on a good video with the right res
  17. Heyy there just letting you know I tried to contact you inworld.. im a goth girl in rl aswell~
  18. :heart: Heyy there, I'm Lexii the Goth Girl!!~ Lol sorry I forgot how to introduce myself.. But yeah, uhm.. I was told by some recommendations of my friends that I should look for more specific types of men .. a Daddy to be exact. Not the adoption type .. but the Dom type!!~ I prefer someone who knows to emote back to me .. seeing as how I am an emoter with experience in that field for about 10 years .. a roleplayer emoter to be exact. I am a young adult female in real and second, a pansexual, a friendly, outgoing, loveable sweetheart but a hilarious ass at the same time depending on my
  19. Ooo thats a good idea aswell actually .. and of course I check for all potential store names in the market to see if there are ones too similar or taken.. iv seen a few not taken yet so we will see!!~
  20. Lol well thank you that is actually not a bad idea.. thanks for the suggestion !!
  21. To say the least... yes... I have gotten something in secondlife with my name as the title for the clothing outfit itself in second life.. and i absolutely adored it as well so that as a huge plus for me!! As for exes... i personally have too many to care about if I run into something with their names on it.. If I like it I like it.. but if I hate the person then I will have a bias..
  22. Heyy everyone!!~ I have a little second life marketplace store but I am going to be making maybe another or actually a few more for various things such as tattooing and clothing and maybe shoes here and there, maybe even hair if im patient enough. I will revolve aorund my gothic styles and cultures primarily in my creations but one thing remains to agitate me... I have not one single clue what to potentially name my brands or stores for all of those creation genres listed. I have seen some other suggestions over the internet and on secondlife aswell but I run into the problem of them all sound
  23. Oh those are beautiful suggestions.. i will keep them in mind for sure!! Thanks for responding~
  24. When I read the title I was like 'Oh god I HATE when this happens!!' But when I read topic I was like 'Oh... okay..' Still a hilarious way to title this topic!!
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