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  1. I have the same issue. Even time i log in and am suddenly logged back out and have to restart again. I am not sure if it is something on firestorm side or if its second life being over worked with all the people logging in.
  2. same here. Was logged in for a little while then suddenly got disconnected and crashed. Now i can't log back in also Market place is down too. Guess the servers are overloaded again. *sigh* RL here I come. I think i hear my bed calling me.
  3. Thank you everyone for the most amazing feedback. all this information has helped me out greatly. All of you Ladies and Gents are amazing!
  4. Hello all, My name is Crystal. I have a flicker account and have noticed from other second life photographers that their photos are in a large size where you can zoom in on them and see everything clearly. Yet for me, every time I take a photo it comes out rather small and blurry. I was wondering, what are the size's that are best used to upload flicker photos from second life? I hope what I am saying makes sense.
  5. I have been a free account for a long time and paid for most of my 42 groups , and now they are going to be ripped out from underneath me to only be given to the paying accounts, that is so unfair. What does this mean, do we have to seriously chose between the groups that we ,the free accounts worked so hard at in Second Life to earn $L to pay for our groups to now have all the money we put into them taken away? if that is the case, we should be reimbursed for all the $L we spent to join the group that LL is taking away.
  6. I just updated my firestorm viewer and well now i have no clue as to how the heck to take a picture through mouse look. can some one please help me out if you have time, thanx
  7. It was so long ago when i had a different viewer, so i can't go back in my history lol
  8. I can't remember the name of it, but this place used to house complete avatars within lucky letter boards and midnight maina boards. I think it used to be called the avatar were house, or anthrophormics or something simaler to that. if any of you have an idea please let me know. Thanx for your time in reading my Question.
  9. awhile ago I was in a dressing room area where i was repeditly being attacked by someone. I asked them multible times to stop and they didn''t so i reported them. and haven't had any problems untill today. that person came back to the dressing room and started to attack me again for no reason. so i wanted to know if I block them, will that stop thier attacks on me?
  10. is there a way to get a redelivery from the marketplace once you buy a product and acidently delet it from your inventory? just wondering.
  11. yes it is an official sl client. its an add on. an older version that still works. altho its old it works for me right now. its only temp. I am highly considering going to firestorm.
  12. I found a away that worked for me. i am using this (Second_Life_3_7_20_296355_i686_Setup) instead of {Second_Life_3_7_20_296094_i686_Setup} here is the link to the webpage for LL Official Alternitive vewiers : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers
  13. yeah I hope they fix it soon, like really soon. All this restarting, re-installing is driving me crazy because its not getting me anywhere fast!
  14. that is just it. I have already done a clean installation. My current SL viewer said that I needed to update and only gave me two options - update or quite sl. So I had no choice but to update or I could not log on, and now It wont load at all because of the update.
  15. I am also having trouble with the update, and the launch of sl too.
  16. Okay, so my sl viewer wouldn't let me log in unless i updated it. So I did the update and now I can not launch SL veiwer at all. I wanted to know if anyone else is haven this trouble, and if so how can it be fixed. I need my sl fix lol.
  17. I somehow got overwhelmed with so much free hair in my inventory. I have no idea where to start in trying to organize all this stuff. If any of you wonderfull people might have an idea about how to organize, I would be very greatful. ^_^
  18. okay so my Recived Folder at the bottom of the Invintory had gone missing. So I asked for some help. I did get an answer but when I followed them (Preferences, General sub-tab. UN-check "show the Received Items folder in normal inventory) there was no un-check show the received items folder in normal inventory at all. So my question is What do I do now? EDIT: Thanx for the help, but I don't have Firestorm. I am using the standered linden lab viwer that was recomended by SL. I am not sure if that will help in finding my answer or not. :( EDIT second time: OMG THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH
  19. i had asked a question earlyer about how to find Recived items, well i found it but it was a separate folder. How the heck do I get it back to being at the bottom of the inevtory window?
  20. I bought a few things on the market and just went inworld to chek them out, I noticed that my Received folder is no longer in my invoitory. Um...does anyone know how to get it back or what I should do? confused here as to why it dissapeard.
  21. Okay so heres the sitch. I logged in yesterday to SL with no problem. I was able to move around freely with no lag or anything, but tonight for some reason after SL and my computer updated I started having trouble with the graphics and lots of lag as I logged in. Then everything stoped responding. so I reinstalled SL thinking something got corupted. still had the same prob. My graphic card is up to date too so I am not sure if I did something or if sl is acting up? Can one of you help me please? if you need mor info let me know in a message k and thank you for your time.
  22. Okay I have posted this before. I need help. I am trying to get ride of items that I no longer need in my cart from the marketplace. The problem is I tried updating the quantity, i tried to remove it and the thing is still there. I am running on Google chrome. I don't use IE at all. Can someone tell me what to do Please?
  23. I am having trouble trying to remove items from my cart that i no longer need. I have tried putting in 0 and then updating it. Still the item is there. i also tried to remove it from the cart with no luck either. Can some tell me if I it’s me that is doing something wrong. Is it a glitch? Or is it something else? Any help that you could give would be much appreciated. Thank you for taken the time to read this and for helping me. ^_^
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