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  1. Thanks will go see if i can look at it
  2. Thank you, I will have to go to dust bunny i havent been there in a long time. I have most of her gacha treehouses but will see if she has new ones. Got serveral items from trompe l'oiel but will re check them out since that sim is huge and i never fully look there and yes love nomad. got a lot of nomad furniture in the small houses by compulsion
  3. Good Morning all. Ive found myself trying to find the best builds for my home and now I want to change one thing. My land is fantasy styled as I am an elf in sl and love to keep the fantasy style. Currently the main home piece of my land is an old castle that ive remeshed inside parts to from Red Queen, but even still this is taking forever and still doesnt fit to the theme I am looking for. So I am looking for suggestions, I have already bought both eleven houses by compulsion but I cant seem to find a big house/ castle to go where the castle would be and that is styled in the theme or close
  4. Thanks to everyone who messaged about the pet opening But a pet has been found for my grandson and one for myself. If you still wish to message about joining our family feel free to do so and we can talk inworld.
  5. No we are looking for a person who rps an animal. Not a prim pet. we want Real Pets.
  6. Yes went there but did not find any that would match really well with what my grandson was looking for.
  7. Hello All, I am in search of a real pet for my grandson. My Grandson was first looking for a pet cat because the old cat turned out to not be a real pet but was a "pet". That is not okay seeing as my grandson rps 9 and having a put who wants to hump your leg is not okay. My grandson just wants a pet who will be like a best friend. Man's best friend to be accurate. The pet does not have to be a cat or a dog he just really hopes for a pet who can fit in the house. Things you should know about my grandson and his request: Name: Pootie Age: 9 What type of pet are
  8. My youngest would love that. I will make mention of that to see hat they think. More then likely my youngest will be like please mom please.
  9. No we have been a family for years but my kids are now moving back in as it had been just me and my youngest child for a while now. The basics are in but my kids kept saying they wanted more social rooms but when asked what kind they didnt give answers just said whatever comes to my mind which hahaha lots of things come to my mind is why we now have a lava cave because my youngest wanted it
  10. Well you can always give ideas in the forum i didnt say you had to use the questionnaire. If people want to talk about how their homes they can.... anything helps.
  11. Hi Everyone :) I have been trying to think of room ideas all day for my family home and when asking my children what rooms they would like to see in our home I got the : Idk, whatever makes you happy and of course their bedrooms. So now I wish to ask the community, below is a google forum of a few ideas I had but if you have any other ideas I would love to hear them. Thank you all for your help. :) https://goo.gl/forms/GxywLTKNu6Ss19Xh1
  12. Do you accept friends who cant drive in sl? cause i honestly suck at driving anything here. everything else i pretty much can do or like to do and i could use more elf friends
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