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  1. great suggestions! thank you. We will certainly check those out
  2. HI! My family and I are planning a vacation away from our home sim for 1 week. We need some nice destination ideas. 2 years ago I went to SL mexico for a week, had a nice apartment and really enjoyed the realistic sim. Too bad it's now closed. Then the Greece sim closed which was just amazing! So not sure which direction to go now. It doesn't have to be a RL place. Perhaps a nice tropical, Asian, woodland, winter..sim..whatever. With nice accomodations for a family of about 6. THANKS FOR THE HELP!
  3. WANTED: Butler or maid to work 1 hour a day 2 days of the week - days and times flexible. LOCATION: family estate on a private sim. A nice atmosphere with friendly people DUTIES: This is PG - no freaky stuff. Performing simple roleplay tasks like vacuuming, dusting, serving dinner, helping with family even preparation. SALARY: This is a paid position. Salary negotiable NOTICE: We're not pompous snobs. We're laid back and down to earth and this is simply for fun...so we would regard our servant as a part of the family.
  4. Looking to add more family members to our cozy little group. We're loyal, peaceful and genuine and would like to meet others who are the same and would like to be a part of a family. We enjoy lots of family time: planned trips to the beach, sailing on the ocean, barb q, family dinners, parties, biking, hunts, hiking, game nights, or just hanging out at home together. Extended family and parents welcomed.
  5. i long time in sl and would like to get some new frends for exploring, shopping and role playing, is there someone out there who like same i love painting building photograpy role play shopping, would realy great to found someone. just write me in forum or im
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