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  1. Hello Sabrina. Please contact me In world. I would love more information on this idea!
  2. Hey there guys, So after taking a long break from SecondLife to help create a game on a subplatform for a client that took a lot of my time, I am back on Secondlife. And for anyone that knew or knows me, Knows that I like to involve myself in projects around Secondlife! So... If anyone has anything going, an idea? or even somthing that's currently in the making. Let me know! I'm more than willing to help! Would appreciate hearing from you!
  3. I'm willing to get involved if you still need. Email me nathanrsjames@outlook.com
  4. I can do the custom scripting and modelling. Please get in touch via Skype +447940546406 Or via email: nathanrsjames@outlook.com
  5. Hey guys what's up! So after quite a long break from LSL because I've been working on database coding and learning PHP. I'm now looking to get into a project in secondlife. I specialise in combat systems and combat HUDs with leveling system and integrate data scoring systems. If you'd like to get in contact me with then contact me of either 1 of 2 ways. My IMs get capped so do not IM in world Email: nathanrsjames@outlook.com Skype: +44 07940546406 P.s I would like to say that if you gave and serious project in mind that you have a serious offer and not waste my time with something that can be obtained free
  6. Hey guys, What's up? So I've just finished a couple of my personal projects that I've been working on within Secondlife. Now I feel like I need something new and exciting that I can work on. Reason because Is I script in SecondLife with a passion and the only reason I'm on the Virtual Simulator is because of the Scripting Languages that is supplies. So I'm very interested to hear your ideas. Please contact me via the Secondlife Viewer or you can simply reply to this thread and I'll get back to you in a few days as I rarely check the Forums (But I do occasionally) Or if you'd prefer to contact me via Email : NathanLJames@Outlook.com Or if you'd prefer to contact me via Skype: Nathan.James900 Please be in touch!
  7. Highly qualified scripter. Available for work, Cheap prices & High quality. Full permissions always given to custom work. Either PM me or add my skype "Snakesonmid" Have tons of example work (If needed). PM me in World for a reply instantly, I'm on normally around GMT +0 London standard time 1:00pm - 6:00 pm. Midgetrobot Resident
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