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  1. Once I farted in an elevator. It was wrong on so many levels.
  2. My warped sense of humour is EXACTLY the reason I am such a loner. Nobody 'gets' my jokes.
  3. A friend of mine died just after xmas. He was a teacher, a dad and a valued person in a certain hobby. He was fit and healthy and young. Still in shock. Also RIP to Captain Tom, he was an inspiration to many.
  4. I have a thick accent and a disability. Nobody would understand me on mic. I do love unusual voices though. Really high and really low ones.
  5. Superpower- Become a time travelling fly (so I can be almost invisible, but can watch history in front of my eyes) Music- Any chillout music, coz i`m a stress head. If it is just one band you are after, I choose The Mouse Outfit (chilled hip hop) TV show- Absorbed into The Good Place, because that world is less surreal, weird and chaotic than this 'real world' (and I could laugh a lot)
  6. What do you call a careful Wolf? Aware wolf
  7. I`ve been in SL for many years. I`ve NEVER used voice chat or cam. Text is the only way I communicate. Protect your RL identity. No one needs to hear your voice/ see a RL pic. Don`t let folk put on pressure to voice/ cam. Be safe out there people!
  8. when should you keep an eye on your cheese? When its up to no gouda
  9. What is a lion's favourite cheese? Roarquefort
  10. What's the best cheese to tempt a bear out of the words? Camembert
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