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  1. On January 27th over 5000 items were randomly returned to random renters on my sim Angel Falls. Reporting the issue ti Linden Labs I was told it was user error. Now I find at least a dozen other sims experienced the same issue at the same time. That makes it impossible to say it was user error. Now the sim has gotten worse in lag and is affecting the performance of several viewers. I have recently been transferred to the Second Life Server problems have been massive. Never had this many problems with RC Blue Steel server.
  2. The consequences of the actionsof a few unethical people are being overlooked and we are at a loss to stop these consequences from taking place. I am not saying that the consequences have only one cause but it is without a doubt a major contributing factor. Within the last year it was reported that there was approximately 1 million active players of Second Life. Recently, it was reported that the number of active users had fallen to approximately 600,000. This decrease has been noticed by even Linden Labs and the prim increase for free was an effort to at least slow the decrease in active users. It is the greed that has taken a effort to restore and put that effort in jeopardy of being in effective in its meaning. It is a shame that the consequences are being blamed on other things but its the nature of people to blame it on other people or other things. I would say to the greedy ones that you have made your bed now lie in it. Thank you for the demise of a game and lifestyle that so many of us love.
  3. It is unfortunate that so many preconceived opinions are rampant in an argument that some don't have all the facts or have misconstrued the facts. Fact #1: property was purchased at an advertised price. The date was October 23rd, then a notice was received that the tier was to be raised. I then proceeded to inquire with the realtor as to the reason to raise the tier. Following a Skype conversation with the owner of the company. I was left with the realization that I had been handed a lot of information that was not true. Fact #2: On November 6th, I received another notice that tier was to be increased along with all the sims that I had purchased from this realtor. Fact #3: the purchase on October 23rd was to decrease the cost of my established business and to provide further features to that business. Moving my business was out of the question and would have resulted in severe economic hardship to my business as well as to me personally. Since the inception of my business, my goal has been to break even and not to make a profit. Fact #4: This realtor had virtually no inventory before raising tiers and since then has had over 100 properties returned because of the increases. Now in order to sell those properties, the tiers have had to be lowered to attract new buyers. Since this realtor practices bait and switch, I fear that these new buyers will suffer from tier increases. Fact # 5: I have been one of the owners of a real estate company when one of the primary owners stole the tier payments and forced a large number of property holders to lose their homes and businesses.
  4. If we were facing tier increases for a residence then it would be an easy decision to move but we have a business that moved to the new location due to the savings that was wiped out by 2 rate increases within the first 2 weeks. The responses I have received from RGF have been far from the truth and are further proof of their unethical business practices.
  5. It's unfortunate that you are defending a company that has a reputation of bait and switch. It is a rare occasion that a realtor raises tieron existing land owners and lowers tiers on land that has been returned because of the tier increase.
  6. My inventory is only 1/3 in Firestorm but loads in Second Life. Just will not load in Firestorm.
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