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  1. Greetings SL community, hugs all around :) So I have been wandering around SL on my lonesome, sim hopping, shopping, dancing etc and it's been fun (as much fun one could possibly have.. doing all this alone. LOL) As much as i enjoy my own company, it would be nice to engage with people who have similar interests. Amongst many of my varied interests, I love music, anime, manga, animation, anything to do with japanese language, culture, history, I'm down with it. I recently finished re- watching an old shoujo anime series and was inspired to find my own Usui Takumi in a fun lighthearted Japanese Gakuen (highschool) RP but after TPing to all the places that popped up on my search list, I couldn't find any. haha I did find some beautiful Edo period sims which I will revisit. So I'm wondering if all you lovelies out there can help to either: 1) Recommend a place that might fit what I'm looking for (I'm not really veering towards the adult side of RP atm, I just want something light, fun, with potential for a little innocent romance thrown in) 2) Give me a shout if you are interested in something similar, maybe we can get together to hangout and take it from there. Ok. that's my essay done for now :) Thanks for reading ! PS. Still searching for the Usui Takumi to my Misaki Ayuzawa \(*^.^*)/
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