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  1. Looking for an anthro avatar that is female, and one that comes with a texture map so I can customize it. I found this guy on Flickr and I realized I really wanted a fluff dragon avi. :C Looking for something that is similar to the will-o-drake avatar by KZK. I wanted to buy it but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If anyone can give me a recommendation that would be great! D8
  2. Thanks so much! It helps a lot. Do you have any recommendations for avatar creation as well?
  3. I'm currently new at building, I've started making tables and simple designs through the second life 3D builder application. Now, I don't know ANY terminology and please talk to me like a child. Because I will not have a clue what you are talking about. OKAY, so my question is. When creating objects in Zbrush, how do put them into second life? Like if I make an apple or a bed, how do I transfer it into second life? I've been practicing with SL's built in object builder, but I want to make more organic and detailed objects and I have a copy of zbrush. I just want to know when I actually make the item, how it can get into SL. Also would LOVE to have some tutorials on how to make hair and stuff in zbrush would be great. PLEASE keep it simple and any help would be great. D:
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