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  1. I bought a body mesh and I can't check out new clothes because my avatar hasn't changed and there are no new purchases in his inventory in SL Beta. How do I update my avatar?
  2. Hello all! I artist, mostly I draw furries, my gallery is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sleepyhelen/ . I am happy to draw a human. Also I can try to make a mod if you give me a grid.
  3. Looking for a job of a concept artist who can work every day, a lot of ideas, sketches etc. Have a portfolio!
  4. I learned that my friends does not work
  5. Clear . But what do I do with my problem ?
  6. ?? I do not know what Aditi . I press transfer model - download it , try to calculate the weight and cost , and it lasts forever , that's my problem .
  7. Technical works finished but I still can not upload your mesh objects in Second Life beta (why?
  8. You also do not work? Well wait until tomorrow
  9. Hi everyone! My Net is not loaded in the game , even with the low poly , yesterday I downloaded items in the game Besch problems and today I decided to download the grid the game and after I click "Send" button loading lasts forever
  10. Hi everyone! Looking for a job dancer ! There are furry and human avatars ту name milandg
  11. but selling animated wallpaper stores , I saw !
  12. how to load a GIF image in Second Life ?
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