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  1. I am planning to make a royal themed sim based on a manor house exactly like downton abbey, With a aristocrat family upstairs in a large manor house and down below the servants that help keep the manor house going. Family Positions available: -Lady -Lord -Daughters Servant Positions Available: -Head Butler -Footmen -Ladies Maids -Maids -Chef The staff of the house get accommodation within the house but these are not paid positions its just for role-play. We need dedicated role-players to take these positions. Please contact me in-w
  2. I'm in need of a builder to build me a very grand house, i have all the information in-world so if you are a mesh builder please contact me at ConorO1998 Resident
  3. Hey there, I'm looking for a role-play community that role-plays around the era of the 1910s-1920s, I am looking for some sort of wealthy family idea or a wealthy area, maybe even a royal family idea. If anyone is aware of any good communities or are looking to start one, please contact me on here or in world - ConorO1998
  4. Hey there i'm looking for somebody to make me a nicely detailed mesh flight attendant outfit. I will provide photos below, I want it a well fitted mesh outfit ignoring shoes, and a well detailed suitcase. The outfit is based off the american airlines new outfit. If you are interested in the job please contact me in world with some of your previous work and also a price of what you would want for this job
  5. I'm looking for an experienced house builder to build me a house in mesh, I'm not very demanding as to how it's built, just as long as it looks good, and looks like the design I'm going for. If you are interested in doing a build for me, please send me a IM in world or reply on the forums, I will want to see some of your past work just to see if we would sort, Ill have a complete design ready for you, all you'll need to do is build it. Inworld username - ConorO1998 Resident
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find a panelling like the one on the walls in the photo below or does anyone know somebody who could make such a panelling texture? 
  7. Name: Lily Aldridge Age: 17 Occupation: full time student Family requirements: I'm looking for a caring and loving rp family, I am an experienced role player and love all aspects of family role play. I would love if the family had a family friendly house and also some siblings but not completely necessary. I would like to have my own room (disclaimer I won't be able to pay rent so if you are looking for somebody to help pay for your rent unfortunately at the moment I can't agree to that until further notice). I'm all up for family drama and a realistic aspect of what family life is really l
  8. I used to buy lindens with my phone using phone credit but since linden labs has stopped the authorized reseller programs I can no longer buy lindens because it's my only option of buying lindens, any idea what I can do?
  9. Hey there, I'm looking for a high quality mesh home. It will be large home and I need particular textures and high detail, I'm willing to pay a fair and decent price to get the perfect custom home. I have an idea what I want. But the floor plan can be designed your own personal way, as long as it has my requirements. Please contact me in-world at ConorO1998 Resident or you can message me on secondlife Twitter name (for roleplay) at @johnsocharlotte. (https://twitter.com/johnsocharlotte)
  10. Graphic designer I make anything you need -Posters -Logos -information boards Please contact me in world (ConorO1998 Resident) and we can talk about your requirements
  11. Looking for your traditional family estate that you can grow a family in. Any recommendations would be great.
  12. As a model. I'm female With very good standard mesh clothes and shape/skin
  13. For roleplaying. I have a sister and nieces and nephews and My character now wants to start her own family so anybody interested in this type of roleplay please IM me.
  14. My Character is 23 years old and is a teacher. I would like a boyfriend or even a husband to start a family roleplay. Plans to maybe move into a suburb style sim will hopefully happen. They have to open to having kids. I hope they can be active as much as possible Their will be twists and spins along the way its not going to be this brilliant family but its going to be fun. Also maybe if they could have a job as a police officer , army etc. (Optional) If you would like to have some fun family roleplay like this please IM me. And i hope we can start a fun roleplay
  15. My character is a teenage around 16-18 years old. I'm looking for a nice family with a nice house that loves the family roleplay experience
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