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  1. Because of the death of a parent and a long illness I was unable to log on to SL for quite some time. I missed my friends very much and finally I got the ball rolling again and have started to log on regularly. Naturally I was out of Lindens so bought a PaySafe Card to the value of £50 GBP this morning. No, no one told me LL had stopped third party exchanges. I don't have a Premium Account - I really wish I did. I'm 46 and married. Many women throughout the world don't have control of a Credit Card, or Bank Account. So we can't even set up a Payal account. Today LL rminded me of my place
  2. I think it's sad that LL think that the new method for adjusting height offset is acceptable. Don't get me wrong, I love SL, and what LL have done to provide it. However, I think the new method for adjusting Height Offset is far more than merely 'cumbersome', it's an extremely poor 'solution'. It's exceptionally user-unfriendly. I think you need to be more than a 'light user' to understand what a major pain it is. What do you do when you see your friends after logon? You hug them. Maybe you give them a quick kiss. If your height is not aligned very well you used to just slide the Heigh
  3. Hi Melita, I'm one of those who "cannot use credit cards or PayPal, to get Lindens". I am an employed adult, and have a grown up daughter, however my circumstances prevent me from using a credit card or PayPal. SL was my little bit of freedom and I feel as though the rug has been swiped from under me. Previously I used Exchanges such as Bulido and Virwox, but these are no longer serving SL residents due to LL's change in ToS. My impression is that LL doesn't give a toss about individuals such as myself. It's a shame, I estimate I've spent over £500 in the past 2 years in SL. Still, I gue
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