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  1. Hi there, I'm looking for a pair of mesh hands. I picked up what I thought was an amazing pair from Cheerno, however after nearly two hours of shape and color adjustments (the HUD doesn't inculde the ability to input RGB values) I've given up on them. It's a shame, because they're gorgeous. Can anybody else make a suggestion for me? Believe me, I've looked. I can't find a single other pair out there. Thanks!
  2. If you're not authorized to enter a building, then you can't enter. If you're not allowed to enter a building, you can't enter. Seems pretty interchangable to me. Linden Lab is simply trying to cover its ass and trying to avoid a potential federal investigation.
  3. I remember the high population days and what the ban on gambling did to change that. The whole "SL is dying" argument has been around for years, and the reality is, it's always going to be there. Fairly rapid development is still happening with the viewers and their underlying server technologies, and I'm seeing new businesses pop up left and right. I think it's far from dead. There is, indeed, a pretty steep learning curve to this game. Many create accounts, login for a day, get frustrated, then leave.
  4. Hellespont Hoorenbeek wrote: The new Tos sticks it is very clear that again as always Linden Lab just doesnt care about theire customers, It is als crystal clear to everybody who has the eyes wide open about the changes Linden Lab whants to be the only exchange company for L$ to whatever that is making money over depose of the Linden Dollar. It has nothing to do with fraude payments they only use this as a argument. All one way traffic nothing new nothing supricing whats next banning 3th viewer partys to maintain a oh so healty community that has to deal with the junk viewer 2/3/4.something? And thanks Linden "Crap" Lab for destroying my business! But im the one that is goin to cost you money at the end because i quit my business and you Lindens will not get a cent out of me anymore for paying tiers! Your complaints over the new ToS are absolutely absurd. Linden Lab modified their ToS to comply with amended federal regulations. Additionally, why shouldn't Linden Lab tighten the reins on the economy they're responsible for? Your business isn't the only one making money on the grid, and the Lindens are responsible for ensuring the economy's stability. There can be no economy if the government shuts the game down for breach of federal law. They're also a business, and they exist to make money. They've also got one hefty light bill to pay.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of Redgrave skins. There's something about them that seems fake, though Emilia makes some pretty amazing other stuff for guys. I'm a huge fan of Body Co. skins. They're expensive (be prepared to drop 1K) but many of them are incredibly realistic. I'm a huge fan of their Skyler skin. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Destinations/144/97/29
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