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  1. Well, I already deleted the early, experimental accounts. So I should be ok to go ahead?
  2. Well, I have 3 right now, and I had 2 more that I made early on, when I was first experimenting with alts. They were ok, but since I was still experimenting, I didn't like the names I came up with, so I deleted them and came up with 2 new, better names. Now I want to make another with a better name. Can I do this? Will it count as alt #4 or alt #6?
  3. How many alts are you allowed? I read that the limit is 5, but is that "ever, throughout all of history" or just "at a time"? if you delete one alt, can you make another? Also, how do you respond to an answer if you need more info? Never mind. Found the "Permalink" button. I was looking for one called "Reply", but whatever.
  4. Is there a version if I DON"T want it to say the sim name?
  5. If you are willing to spend a lot of time in SL basically doing nothing, I recommend cone jumping. Search for Bletaverse (yes, that is how it is spelled) and soon you will be able to make up to L$20 an hour. It is boring work, as you can't do much else while you are waiting for each cone. And you will need to keep an eye on your computer while you wait. But you can make decent L$ this way and you don't need any extra software (like a DJ needs) and you don't need to have any clue how to emote (like dancers and escorts need).
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