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  1. There are only two numbers. 1. If you are interested in applying for a job or have a press inquiry.: Note that this number is not Second Life Support. Phone: +1 (415) 243-9000 Fax: 415.243.9045 2. If you have a non-technical issue related to billing concerns, you can call the Linden Lab billing team at the following toll-free numbers: US/Canada: 800-294-1067 France: 0805-101-490 Germany: 0800-664-5510 Japan: 0066-33-132-830 Portugal: 800-814-450 Spain: 800-300-560 UK: 0800-048-4646 Brazil: 0800-762-1132 Long distance ( not free, but you can use Skype to save some cost ) : 703-286-6277 **Note: Support is offered only in English There is no number for technical support. If you are a Premium member, you may submit a support tcket or contact Live Chat. Both of those options are availavle at https://support.secondlife.com/?lang=en . Otherwise, if you have a question, feel free to ask it here. The volunteers here are all SL residents with a lot of in-world experience. There are limits to what we can do -- we can't look into your account, for example -- but we often have more practical experience with in-world issues than the "official" team.
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