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  1. If the next release is in the next 24hr why are so many people still waiting on the edge?
  2. when are the lindens going to put everyone out of there misery
  3. There are a lot of moles around
  4. Are linden going to happen open the boats today ?
  5. do I abandon my meadowbrook house now ready for the big scramble
  6. how SOON is soon enquireing minds need to know
  7. I went round most of the houseboats, and at least 75% have had nothing done to them. And there are no skybox above its a Shame when there are so many who would like to use them for what they are meant for.
  8. Thus is part of Bellisseria as I have a friend living at willow Heights it's not a new area anyone can go there .
  9. Why Can't the lindens give an update on what is happening. And not everyone guessing what is going on and what they will be ready.
  10. Frankief

    Linden home

    i've tried firefox ,safari and another pc but it all says the same there seems something wrong with my dashboard
  11. Frankief

    Linden home

    Tried the live chat not much help there it my dashboard thats the problem
  12. Frankief

    Linden home

    I did that but on my dashboard when i go to get home it say i have one and if i click go to home and tp there and go to about land it has owned by governor liden
  13. Frankief

    Linden home

    I abandoned my linden home. But when i try to get another one is say i have one (the one i abandoned). Now i can't get any home.
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