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  1. Is anyone havingtroble with the Victorian homes it will let me access all the houses except the Hardy which is the one I want.
  2. I have a boat house but can't get to it. keep getting " Failed to grant capabilities". what does this mean it happened yesterday as well
  3. Instead of doing the small amount release everyday, With no warning when they will do it. Can the lindens not release all the houses they done that weeks on a Friday or Monday at a certain time so everyone will know when there is a release. And not have to sit at there computer Monday, Wednesday , Friday. As most people do have a real live and Job that helps pay for this game.
  4. There are more chance of seeing elephants fly than getting a new linden house
  5. how many was it 2- 3, why can't the Lindens release a large amount not a few at a time
  6. If all the ALTS were banned then there would be Houses/Boats for EVERYONE. They should rename Bellisseria Alt continent.
  7. Can the Lindens please tell us how soon after a house/Boat are abandoned are they put back in to circulation e.g 5 mins, 24 hours, as I abandoned a boat and it did not get re occupied for over 2 days?
  8. the next lot of houses will be available on April 16 2167 please be patient and form an orderly queue Thank you THE MANAGEMENT
  9. Where can I find this ? on what brewser? Can I have the link please.
  10. If people stick with the house or boat they are given , even if it's not in a good position stay with it until everyone has a home even ALTs then everyone can play musical homes .
  11. have they been released yet ??????
  12. On your marks, Get set, ...............................
  13. I got this reply on the last lot to be done when I asked if the had been released...........Yes - around 7:00 or 8:00 am SLT. One region, 25 houses - all gone in 7 seconds.
  14. Still no new houses a friend as been looking all day long since the start. They should not have let anything be released until the had finished it all. This is a ripoff tfor people who pay a yearly subscription them spend most of the year try to get a house .
  15. Yes but what time of day will they be released ?
  16. What is the LM for this clock ?
  17. saving them up for a GOT weekend
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