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  1. Hi! I've always been passionated by dark and gothic enviroments, horror and thriller themed movies, books and games. It's getting hard for me to find people with these common interests (SL is too happy and calm) so I thought it'd be a good idea to make a thead to call for people that felt alike! You can also find me as "Adas13" in-world! Looking forward to meet ya peeps! Be seeing you! 😄
  2. Adas13

    Why not?

    For that people that have no idea what a post in "Make Friends" section is for: It means "I give up, I'm lonely and utterly bored: IM me".
  3. Adas13

    Why not?

    Welp hi! You can simply call me Ai or Ai Leen (I'm not called "Ai or Ai Leen" all together, 2 options, use them wisely, thank you) although I have many nicknames Ailen, Alien, Allen, Aleny, Alany, Ailu, Aily, nelliA, Nelly, nully, nell, nutella, neshi, neshia, Mogad, Mogy, etc. I'm "Adas13 Resident" in-world because I was lazy when creating this account a long time ago (I think that counts as a nickname too?). I speak spanish, and currently learning English, (my sentences may not make sense, my truly sorry). Also, I love creating nicknames and I enjoy fooling around, exploring and chatting, and hunting for freebies (who doesn't?). Although I may sound a bit childish I'm over 18. I put a lot of effort on what I like to do (I don't consider myself a perfectionist). [SPOILER ALERT ON] I've returned after a loong loong time doing... other stuff in life. After a lot of stress I thought this would be a nice way to pass time till I finish college. [SPOILER ALERT OFF] Since I'm in college (and I've lost all of my old friends) I may not be online all the time, but when I do, I like 1# shopping (this girl needs to update her avy), 2# exploring and 3# chatting (Hmm.. I think the spoiler alert was pretty useless by now). Oh I don't know how to build stuff out of nowhere nor how to decorate a house, well I do but I get bored easily when doing it although I can get a proud-like state when finishing something. But I'm happy doing the first 3#. Although I may seem pretty social and extrovert I'm a Cancer (idk if it's true or not, but Horoscope is fun! And who doesn't love Cancer people. we rule!). I'm also a bit shy, I don't like crowded overcumbered -with-lag places. Including clubs. Period. I forget my password too frequently (I think it was the main reason I left) so I may give you mine as long as you don't forget it. That was Joke, I'm not giving anyone my password, please don't get your banhammer on me mods!! I don't judge people at all, I accept every type of furry, anime, shapshifter, trans, shemale, avatar as long as it's not Gore (booooh to me, I'm sorry peeps. I can't stand Gore) If you don't know what it is and you don't like violence, DON'T SEARCH FOR IT. Everything else is ok. I don't roleplay, I never roleplayed. Besides I don't know a lot of English to make it entertaining enough (or maybe yes, but I'm slow thinker ). If you're in need of a dumb-player to fill your lines, you can ask because I have nothing else to do at the moment. Ow this is too long, sorry. If you've read till here then IM me before I get banned from this forum for posting too long posts (what, can they do that?). I can't see the "Preview post" button so I'm posting this as it is. Let' have some fun ok? Hope to see you around (PD: I wasn't high when typing this.)
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