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  1. Hi everyone, thankyou for all of your replies, i wanted to update you on the situation even though i really am no more the wiser at what has really happened. I have only guessed at a conclusion from what i have seen but still as of now i have not heard anything at all from the rental owners. And no refund either, which I still hope for as i have to camp many hours to earn that money. One of them however has clearly said on their profile that they now have nothing to do with any of the rental business or their partner, which sounds like a RL and SL problem. The sim i was renting in is now offline, it was only empty before and i only knew that because i sent a friend there, i am still banned from the whole region all 23 sims that they own. It looks like the business is still running even though one of the partners has given up and left. i have spoken to other tennants only to ask if they knew of any problems but none of them knew anything. I still wonder why i was the one who got treated so badly and although i didnt know of any wrong doing i had done, i mean i had only rented for two days and built two walls on the platform each inside the platform boundary, i had no scripts running, just two prim walls, and within the size they had stated all building should be, so no wrong doing there. i could go on guessing by saying maybe they were greifed by someone and thought it was me, or maybe they had me mixed up with someone else, like a case of mistaken identity, i could go on chewing things over, but i will never find out unless they tell me which seems very unlikely as they had never spoken to me at all from the beginning but cut me off completely. now i feel so exhausted about it all i just want to move on, and just consider it a bad experience but maybe somehting i have learnt from, in fact in an strange way it has done me a favour, i have now found an amazing new multiscene home that has everything i could dream of, including a photo studio which i really wanted. if i has stayed at my previous rental i would never have found such a wonderful new place to live, so at the end of all this, even though the experience was a traumatic one at the time, i feel much happier now that i have a new life with new surroundings. My new partner had the perfect quote for what happened to me, she said "what doesnt kill us makes us stronger", and she is so right.:smileyhappy:
  2. Hi, thankyou all for your replies, although i have not heard anything from the rental company, i think i have now come to my own conclusion. It seems now there is a problem within the business that has just reared its head and i just happened to be there at the wrong time, although i asked a simple question as to why my home had gone, i think the owners were under a lot of stress at the time and didnt feel like dealing with me or anyone else. the sim my home was in is now empty. i had no fault in anything i was not breaking any rules, but the company are definitely having problems so thats what i shall settle at, i was just there at the wrong time when usually they are very nice to their tennants from asking others of their experience they are usually a very good rental company, so i close my case.
  3. I recently paid 2 weeks rent ( 1,580L$) for a sky platform so that i could build my new home. Just two days after I paid the rent I TP'd to my new home and found myself falling through the air, it had gone. I had no warning about this from the owner, and naturally i wanted to know why my home had been removed. So i ask in the rental group chat, i then immediately get ejected from the group, so i send an IM to the owner, asking why my home is gone, and what is the problem, he doesn't answer me. I TP to his main office where he is working, and i ask him in chat what is the problem, why is my home gone? He still doesn't answer me but instead he bans me from the region. I had no explanation why my home was removed or why i was banned, i don't know why this was done to me at all because i had done nothing wrong. The owners didn't speak to me at all to explain anything they just ignored me and banned me. I paid two weeks rent to them and didn't even get a refund. I am very upset by the way they have treated me, and would like an explanation from them why this happened and if possible a refund, but they will not communicate with me at all, so where do I go from here, and will they be allowed to carry on treating their customers badly and get away with it.
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