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  1. So there I was in the slave house and this guy comes and bids on me, like 400L or something. Cheapskate. Anyway he takes off and I didn't even have time to put on my garter belt and pumps. What's this world coming to?
  2. Hai! so i wanna be a slave LOL looking for someone to controle me so wut do i need to do LOL hehehehee Moron.
  3. Umm, okay. I think you need to have a trigger warning for the word "running", which hereafter will be referred to as the "R-word" so as not to offend anyone else. You see, my second cousin twice removed's parents were K-worded in a tragic R-wording accident on New Year's Day and I am still recovering from the shock of the incident. I carry a therapy Chihuahua all the time now too, so please don't make any offensive comments about him as he is very small and can't R-word as fast as larger dogs and that is a continuing source of anguish for him. Please be considerate.
  4. Maybe, just maybe, you should work on your personality instead.
  5. No, Scylla only promotes very specific things that may or may not fit her own personal agenda, although she accuses others of doing or not doing the same thing. I guess you have to be a feminist to understand.
  6. How to pole dance for men: Remove hand from pole. Move backwards away from pole. No, further. Keep moving away from pole. Men do not belong on poles.
  7. Affirmative. Close-minded pervs are nobody's friends. Carry on.
  8. Nyll Bergbahn wrote: jwenting wrote: I'm usually divided between blocking them, ignoring them, or filing an AR against them for their TOS violation. Usually end up doing at least the second, and sometimes the first and last as well. By all means block or ignore residents who have that silly disclaimer in their profiles but why waste Linden Lab's time submitting an AR when a TOS violation only occurs if they actually do disclose chat without consent in-world or on Linden Lab's website and in that instance, it would be the aggrieved party who would submit the AR, not you (unless you were
  9. Son, it seems you might have unrealistic expectations of your relationship. And I gather that if she has to ask her mother for permission you are both much too young to be meeting people you barely know from the Internet. And yes, you are reading into her responses a bit too much. Understanding someone else's true meaning in typed text is never 100% accurate and can lead to some very awkward situations if you allow it. Carry on.
  10. Excellent attitude, soldier! I like to see exactly that sort of aggressiveness when it comes to dealing with The Enemy. However, as you well know, using full automatic all of the time is wasteful of ammunition and does not lend itself to proper fire control and accuracy. There is no need to saturate the target with small arms fire; that is what artillery is for. Carry on.
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