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  1. LOL! I still have some issues and am learning and I have had mine a few months. It takes time to learn all the things about it so take a deep breath.... It depends on what mesh body you use. I have Maitreya Lara. I made myself two bases in my outfits so its easier to get dressed.Included in both bases I added hair, skin, shape. eyes, jewely I always wear - wedding ring, physics, hairbase, slink andkle lock, hands and feet, AO's and HUDS. That way I don't have to dig for this stuff and just add the outfit on top of the base and pick off the parts I don't want to wear. Soooo much easier! Base 1 is my normal avatar body which is not mesh... but I have so many clothes that are prim and gorgeous I refuse to do the total switch so I use mesh body and regular avatar body. That is personal choice. I also use this one for my mesh clothes and just adjust my body in the various shapes I made to fit that outfit. (less boobage usually) Base 2 is Maitreya Mesh body. On this one I added all the stuff I listed above and then the things I needed for getting dressed with my mesh body. Things that you will need to wear to dress is your Maitreya HUD and the Omega applier. Without the applier you can forget getting dressed. I wasn't told this for days so I was thinking I was losing my mind! You can buy the applier on market and in some stores. The market link is https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Maitreya/6709966 and its 99L. I do see other omega appliers for other mesh bodies so I assume you would need one of those if your body is not maitreya. Side note***I do use my slink hands and feet on my maitreya body just because I have a lot of shoes that are slink and I can't get the maitreya feet to work with my slink shoes so that might be I just don't know how...regardless I love my slink feet and hands and I understand them so I use them. Good luck! Everything in SL is a learning process and you will figure it out ) Scarlett :smileywink:
  2. I have an alt that I use to help newcomers and shop with. It is also an Rcelli. I personally loved the shape but was not as wild about the skin. You can get many skins for free around SL if you join the groups. There are many on marketplace for free or very low linden. I have helped 100s of people with makeoevers...from one day old to 10 years old on SL. I never charged anyone and even took a profile pic so they would have their new look displayed on their profile. My suggestion is to get several skins and use parts from each one. That way you are unique. I once bought a full skin just to have the eyebrows I like on my ava, LOL The advice is you dont have to spend a fortune to be fabulous and have excellent clothing. Don't buy junk. There are way too many very good designers that either give away things, participate in hunts or are part of the weekly sales. If you look inworld at my groups on my profile almost every one of them offer group gifts...some are free to join and some are not. You can join those groups by clicking on them on my profile and then you get a box to add the group. Good Luck!
  3. I made a store on SL Marketplace and would like to sell excess Gachas I paid for and they are transfer. I tried to load them though merchant outbox but received messages in my import failure log saying... Unsellable item in folder, likely a permission problem. Every item was transfer but still boxed. Do I need to open the boxes and try again loading them as folders? I am assuming that maybe the box has a landmark or instructions or something like that and that is the issue in permissions. These items are no copy/no mod. All are transfer. I contacted a seller that had one of the exact tiems I have to sell and they had it listed on market. She said we have to use a magic box to get it on market. I have spent hours and hours now trying to find directions on how to use the magic box. The help for Q&A selling on market only says that magic box is no longer used which It definitely is being used still. I got one from market thinking directions would be in it. NOPE! LOL...wth! I have tried youtube, and SL questions...even read a ton of the reviews on market about the magic box all to no avail. Can some PLEASE help me and refer me to a step by step guide on how to do this. Thank you for any help....Scarlett
  4. There are many things to do and place to go in Second Life.Use your imagination and you can do ANYTHING (almost) in SL. You can be adventurous and do roleplay ..lots of free items on marketplace and you can dance, sing make money, work, marry have friends and parties , raise exotic pets and sell them, have babies and families explore your sexuality if that is something you are interested in (and a lot of people do that ) you can shop until you drop, dance the night away at any kind of venue you desire...ride dragons, soar through the air flying, work on your photogrpahy skills, build things and learn how to texture and script etc etc. Some things cost a lot of Linden and some cost nothing. I would suggest to meet people go to your search and click on places...find something that sounds interesting and has a lot of people. There are many people that will help you along the way. Listen to advice people give you...and don't believe everything people tell you. I have a lot of places I would suggest going but not sure if its allowed in here. . Most of all...Enjoy SL...it is an amazing place
  5. You can resize them under the torso tab in the firestorm viwer. My problem is getting the boobs to move up and out a bit. Does anyone know how to do that? I even dlowloaded the sl viwer and dont get a different menu. I get the same men to edit my appearance not edit my anatomy.
  6. I have not been able to upload any photos to my profile for almost a week. I keep getting failure to upload. I have adjusted settings, moved to different regions and tired many other options. Can someone please tell me how to open a trouble ticket so I can get this fixed. Thanks
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