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  1. i sold 2500 worth of lindens a week or so ago to try and test the water see if i could get the cash into my bank somehow, basically because of the limited cashout options coupled with LL inability to accept my CC when i input it into the site i couldn't, so now i have just over 9 dollars in my account but its not letting me use this amount to buy rebuy lindens with and i dont understand why........why do i need a payment option on my account to buy lindens with dollars already there.
  2. so unless LL pulls its finger out i cant cash out, fantastic
  3. im looking for some help im trying to cash out my lindens i've sold them on the lindex but i cant use paypal and LL wont recognise my CC when i put the details in. what other options are there ?
  4. i used to buy and sell lindens on virwox before, so im a little disapointed that i can no longer quickly cash out but its better than nothing, id still prefer it if lindex offered european options however
  5. i actually tired cashing out just now using lindex, i wont use paypal as they have tried to scam me before in the past (they got debt collectors onto me claiming i owed them money, long story short i won so banned my account for a made up reason not that i care i wont touch them again) tried to add my CC to the site and it cant find it, so i cant buy or sell my lindens at all unless its via a TPE
  6. because some people cannot use the limited payment methods available on lindex, so buy on TPE's as they offer alot more alternatives especailly for europeans
  7. thats great, i dont know if there european or not but they dont offer any of the services us euros would like, however if they stay open i have more faith in them plugging that gap than LL
  8. no your right i dont think they care wether i or anyone else likes it or not and im not expecting them to upgrade there service to match that of the exchanges there killing off, im not going to start shouting this is the end of SL far from it its just another decision and another step that will slowly chip away at SL's population bit by bit
  9. fantastic, how about LL improves its service to match those of the exchanges then there would be no need for them exist rather than keep the limited slow service you provide but ban the rest or just put all the risk on them and the people using them. im european and prefer not to use CC, wont touch paypal as ive had very bad experiences with them in the past not to mention there reputation. the exchanges provide a wide variety of options to pay and withdraw to and from yet LL dosen't. if your going to do this please shape up and add those to your own
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