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  1. 10672sqm land needs decorated. I want strictly mesh items with low lag if at all possible. I'm looking for some interactive items as well though. Please send me, Lycoris Bluebird, a notecard with your prices. Upon seeing what you have to offer we can proceed. Thank you. There are 3419 prims to use but were already using around 900.
  2. Anyone know of a TV in secondlife that you can watch simultaneously with your friends? A TV I used to be able to do that with many years ago for example was the Icarus TV but they stopped usage of it in 2016. I just wanna be able to watch movies with my friends. 🙂
  3. That eyesore wall is blocking an eyesore 40m castle..
  4. I have a 19,120spm plot and for the most part we've got everything decorated but it still feels like it needs some more love. I want strictly mesh items with low lag if at all possible. I'm looking for some interactive items as well though. There is a cave, a pond and tree house that need some lovings too. Please send me, Hacker Bluebird, a notecard with your prices. Upon seeing what you have to offer we can proceed. Thank you. p.s I would be willing to remove certain items if you have something better.
  5. I'm throwing the option out there incase there is that type of work still out there as I know years ago there used to be stands with models clocked in and there at the store. I'm hoping more for a photography model job. Whichever would be great!
  6. Looking for a modeling position in secondlife. Whether for pictures or instore. I own the Maitreya Lara body and ALL of the Belleza Freya, Isis and Venus. The bento head I use is Catwa Catya. Anime wise I have kemono with fitted torso as well as Rei's Chest and BB//MM. I have both the M3 and M3v head. If there is anything available please contact me. Thank you! Edit: I own TONS of hairs too so my outfits can be very flexible for whatever you need. Here is an example of my two most used outfits and two kemono outfits.
  7. Unfortunately none of that is causing the issue. I've used property lines for years and not till recently have I had an issue with not seeing them. It's hard for me to work on my parcel when I can't see the lines.. haha. Ive been using firestorm for about a year now, prior was on singularity for multiple years. Though I have them activated I cannot see them anywhere, at any sim. I'm hoping it gets resolved soon. Maybe in an update?
  8. Looking to hire a photographer for my store. Just recently got back into making things for it and would like an experienced photographer to work alongside me in creating the photos necessary to properly advertise my products. I make a wide range of things. Skins, mods, shapes, objects, etc.. There is no limit to my store so long as I am able to create it! Please drop me a notecard in secondlife with some example photos of what you are capable of along with your secondlife username and prices. If I like them I will contact you in secondlife and we will start working together. Thanks s
  9. I have my property lines activated on Firestorm viewer in the preferences [ctrl, alt, shift, P] however they are not showing up? I cannot see them at all. I'm not sure how to fix this or if it will ever be an option to fix on this specific computer.. Also, for some apparent reason my camera view is above my head and far away? Makes it impossible to walk around. I have gone into preferences and edited the view and distance but it is still not right. It does allow me to walk around easier though.. What would be a good solution to these problems?
  10. All is welcome to come and party the night away with Celestial Bash! Our DJ for the night will be DJ Felix Tamalyn! He will be spinning some amazing oldies of all our favorite rock n' roll tunes! Requests are more than welcome! We will also be having a contest for best dressed hippie! Do NOT miss out on this event! It will be one to remember! So come on down and have some fun with us! Time: 6pm - 8pm SLT Friday September 18th 2015! DJ: Felix Tamalyn Hostess: Hacker Bluebird Contest: Best Dressed Hippie! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fairfield%20Heights/108/157/29
  11. To do hairs in photoshop you would need hair tools. Far as editing the body that's mainly skill. Practice make perfect. A good tool to use for body editing is the liquify tool however. A lot of time and patience goes into editing photos especially the good ones. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi, I run a photography business called "Awetastic Photos" my prices range is 50L to 500L which is dependant on how much editing you want done to the photo and how many people are included in that photo, that would include the cost of upload fee of 10L. Events are 1000L with no upload fee, that includes 20 photos edited if wanted. Here are a few examples of my photography work. https://www.flickr.com/photos/77581598@N08/ Please contact Hacker Bluebird inworld with a notecard or send me an IM during the hours of which I am on [3pm - 8pm SLT] Thank you.
  13. Recently I had quit my job at Club Hatsune as a hostess and dance manager due to poor staff behaviors and lack of pay. I haven't really gone to other clubs in quite the while. I was wondering if anyone would be hiring for a hostess or possibly an adult dancer, I'd need one that tips/pays at LEAST 200L a night as the internet is my main source of income. I'm currently working to become a DJ with Sam4 but am completely unsure how to use the program or how to use it with secondlife. If someone could give me the names of clubs hiring that are popular it would be much appriciated. I have worked as
  14. I wish I could have attended this as I don't get on till 3pm PDT[sLT], I have been wanting to learn German for 6 years. I know a little bit here and there but would love to learn as much as possible and be as fluent as possible. Is there any later classes or know of someone who teaches at a time that would work for me? Thanks.
  15. My merchant outbox keeps giving me a error 409 and will not work. It has been like this for over a month now! Is there any way to fix it? Thank you!
  16. I cannot find the Edit Anatomy option on any second life viewer, I want to edit the Lola's mesh Tango but I just can't seem to find that edit anatomy option.. Please help! Also once I find it how do I use it? Thank you!
  17. Would a photographer be able to advertise there? I don't make dresses but I do great photography. c:
  18. Nope, I haven't and it's been like that for over a year now..
  19. Okay.. so, like I said to Amethyst Jetaime.. "Okay, let's put it this way.. All I did was say they should make it easier on people, more convienient. For people like me where it says LITERALLY Next bill date: — How is someone to know? I have premium but it says jack **bleep**. " That's what mine shows and that's why this was brought about.
  20. Okay, let's put it this way.. All I did was say they should make it easier on people, more convienient. For people like me where it says LITERALLY Next bill date: — How is someone to know? I have premium but it says jack **bleep**. Hence what all my crap was about :L I'm no child it's just the way LL has things set up is in no way conveinient.
  21. Okay so, I've had premium for a long time.. I don't understand why LindenLabs just doesn't set it to be canceled when it's done with so that way people don't go in dept to them and have their account locked. Just kinda bugs me that people I know and even people I don't know have to go through that. Why not just fix that problem so noone has to go through it? I know several websites such as meez, gaiaonline, etc can do that.. Why not you?
  22. I have my payment info on file and I've done the test and it's been days and it still won't let me upload mesh still says I need to do the test and put payment info on. Whats going on?
  23. So, I've had my premium account for a few years now but I'm not sure how to tell when it will end because, when it does end, I want to renew it. I just don't know how to find where it tells you when it does end. Thanks
  24. How do you report a persons store on marketplace? There is a person on marketplace that has some of my items on it and I wish to report it I just don't know how. :(
  25. The main owner of the sim is offline and will be offline for along time. There is a section of the sim we want gone because it was subdivided and we want it rejoined. I own the biggest part of the sim but the small part is still owned by the main owner who gave me basically all ownership of the sim. We don't know what to do right now, we're trying to turn the sim into an anime - High School of the Dead Roleplay but that area is making it hard to set up.
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