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  1. http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/general-sl-discussion/94872-icewind-silverfall-his-alts.html I'm not the only one he's been greifing. He has a history of doing crap like this.
  2. the moose thing worked. im in the ocean but im on and ive reported him and sent the entire chat log. thank you.
  3. He is harrassing me though. He tried to get me to sleep with him and when i told him no he started threatening to kick me and my guy from the sim.
  4. [07:29] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): i just hang out around the bar and flirt [07:31] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): u shud flirt with me then [07:31] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): hehe im with Remi here shug [07:32] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): but im the hottest guy in sl [07:33] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): so it shouldn't matter [07:33] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): hes a stupid dog [07:34] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): hes got a nice chisled muscular body and a beautiful way with words meanwhile you seem to have a victim complex and rejection issues [07:34] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): you can gladly leave the sim with your ugly ass dog [07:34] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): or you'll be removed [07:35] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): remove me then [07:35] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): ok [07:35] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): your pathetic by the way [07:35] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): enjoy the estate ban [07:36] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): this is why your not allowed in DBI anymore [07:36] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): seems like im still here [07:36] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): yes.. im finding your name in the search browser [07:36] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): funny how easy a bluff can be called huh [07:36] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): your pathetic using threats to get your way [07:36] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): Oh? [07:37] Yas'Thrae (tarianna): no wonder you get booted from sim to sim [07:37] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): you and your dog [07:37] Manbabys (icewind.silverfall): will be removed :) Manbaby kicked both me and Remi from the sim, but now i can't even get my viewers to work. I have bot the regular SL viewer and Firestorm and i can't get into the damn things to report him to linden labs for harrassments. I tried talking to the sim owner, but i keep crashing all of a sudden. My game was working fine until i told him off and now my viewer wont let me in. Please i need help. I should also mention that he is not the owner of the sim in any way. I spoke with the sim owner and he told me to just ignore him but now i cant even get into SL to do that. He's been kicked out of DBI for doing this before. Please someone help me.
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