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  1. I -know- there are other posts for teraforming but presently they are 2 years old. Today I've had trouble with the land tool not performing the action that is selected. I restarted the sim, and tried again. No matter what I choose, the land mesh is lifted up and flattens out to the highest point. Lower does not work, smooth is broken, flatten. I've used all but revert and that will ruin the entire sim. Is there some sort of bug happening right now? To be clear, the land can't be lowered at all and Flatten/smooth are broken.
  2. I was getting this error and there are no degenerate triangles in my mesh. Still I tried the dissolve as suggested and nothing was removed. Things would have shown up in my unwrap as well had they been there. Faces wouldn't have unwrapped by quads well at all. But I'm still getting this issue. The error only goes away when I analyze the mesh and that closes my doorways. I don't want my doorways blocked by SL's triangle issues. Any other suggestions here?
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