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  1. I lost contacts, but i can't find them in 'search' since i only know they chosen names, and not their user names. can i find them somewhere in history?
  2. thank you for your answer. and what should i do about it?
  3. I'm installing phoenix viewer, and it gets till 99% and stops coz it can't extract slplugin.exe. I don't have any problems with firewalls. My latest viewer was syngularity. Did I delete something I shouldn't have?
  4. I joined some group, but it's really bugging me, looking at it over my name. Please help
  5. I have a really slow laptop and the new viewer doesn't work for me, my avatar is naked all the time (to me). Is it possible to download an old viewer that was used in 20011/2012?? And can someone tell me what those versions were called? sl viewer 1.something
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