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  1. thank you, i'll give that a shot
  2. I'm trying to put a script together that automatically (without touching it) changes a prim's color from orange to blue and then repeats. Sounds real simple, and I thought I figure it out at first but my script did nothing. So I spent 2 hours searching for an example of what I needed and I couldn't find anything that does what I need. Could anyone help please? :3
  3. lol dude is a straight up sociopath and he doesn't even try to hide it, i applaud you
  4. Intent is not magic, and just because you want to believe a violent slur means something else in a virtual world doesn't mean it's going to be like that for everyone. The reason I don't encounter this often is because I hang out in all the places straight, non-transgender people are afraid to visit, where transphobia and slurs aren't tolerated.
  5. Excuse me Syo, but Second Life is not a vaccum. Slurs are slurs not matter what pretty little context you're trying to give them. Definitions don't change just because they're in a virtual world. "Shemale" is a violent slur used against transgender women and by using this ingame to mean something else is appropriation of things that do not belong to you and potentionally extremely damaging to people who actually have emotions.
  6. I'm replying to this because I figured you might be transgender yourself and the person who answered your question seems to think violent slurs are totally fine and I wanted you to know that not all Second Life residents are like that :3
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