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  1. Finally upgraded to a decent providor...but on both Phoenix and alchemy get the message "Can't log into 2L on this computer" Please contact support if you feel this is in error.......I figure it's something mild I'm overlooking, but what?
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a residential 16th or thereabouts, minimum 937 prims...would perfer over 1000....I am quiet and enjoy landscaping my lots and decorating my home...don't want a high riise going in next to me, that's why I'm looking for a new place. Been with my current provider for well over a year. Currently at 1,500 L week...would like less :-), but can afford a little more....thanks for taking the time to read this. Just answer here and I'll get an email when someone replies.
  3. Hi all, I have a nice parcel and am trying to find just the right house for it. Is there a smarter way to search than paging thru thousands of places in the Market Place...or using the not so great at all inworld search? I get tired of trying to find relevant keywords and parameters. It would be wonderful if there was some sort of central listing of at least some of the manufacturers... Oh, in case you know of something like this....footprint of about 25 by 30 max...would like to keep it under 200 prims, something vintage like Victorian/Edwardian/country farm style. and copy mod....not ask
  4. My goodness, thank you guys so much. I shall try your suggestions and with any sort of luck they will all work for me. Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I have a neurological condition that makes the hands shake and my eyes don't focus well. Sob- then grins. I would love it if there is a tool that would assist me in placing objects and getting them aligned correctly. Any ideas?
  6. First of all, thank you for all the responses. I do appreciate your kindness (and humor) Second regarding ***Or maybe alts and land are not the only things that you're struggling to understand*** I have had a very bad day, following an extremely bad weekend. Under the circumstances, I am going to commend myself for regarding your words being intended as an attempt at humor.
  7. Good evening to all of you, I have an alt that l use about half the time. I'm curious if there is a way to set my parcel to also be my alts home tp destination. Believe me, when you press the Home button when logging in and have forgotten you didn't have clothes on when you logged out, it is embarrassing. Somebody can see my nekkid pixels. The other question is this, I would like to be able to have payment record on file for this alt. I've purchased Lindens in world and from the MP for it and still no show. any help is certainly appreciated and thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks Caitlin, will try it with the modem and see if that helps. Funny about the alt. Wanted to try something inworld, so signed in as alt. Alt had lost all the hair and some other attachments as well as having the face somewhat messed up. Searching for a word there but messed up is close. Just slightly off? Took me half an hour to get it looking like I left it. I've known it for quite a while, The internet is out to get me. Sigh.
  9. About a month ago my main avi started having problems that I thought were lag in some areas. They've been getting worse now almost daily. Have tried the SL viewer, Firestorm, and really all of them. Was just in world and gave up. avi will just stand there when I want to move, then slide ahead or walk and not want to stop. Have moved my settings way back on almost all graphics. Have almost no problems on my home parcel (Lionheart Region), and my alt using the same avi moves twice as well with almost no movement problems! I've been using my particular avi/ao for almost a year and it never
  10. Fantastic and thank you.............That is the best explanation I've had on this.... my thinking and the reasoning behind it is this. 1st the reasoning.... I'm disabled and in a condition that I am no longer able to work (took me over a minute to type that sentence) ... my social security / disability is, to put it nicely, inadequate to be able to do what I would like to do all the time here in 2L...actually 2L is a guilty pleasure for me as something I probably shouldn't be doing financially......but hey, it lets me run and fly...so good trade off..... Like I said, I am a premium member b
  11. Good point, but the closest neighbor took their store and everything and just left....all the other lots that are within two parcels of mine are empty..... a ton of new parcels for sale in the immediate area....so ....ehh
  12. Hi there, I was surprised last year when a bid I put on a piece of auction land won....so I have a parcel on Boreal that is about 1100 sq mtrs.. very nice but it's covered by snow LOL....that will teach me not to experiment with auctions when I'm the only bidder.. But it has led me to define what I am looking for in property...the list is as follows.. 2048 sq mtr (or close anyway) I would like more but am on an income that prohibits that. I want to BUY only....not rent I want the use of all the prim space on the parcel and to have full mod use so I can alter the terrain to suit me. A side n
  13. Thank you so much for that quick response..... I had a feeling that would be the answer.... oh ....woe is me... there, now I'm done with the drama.....and will have to do two things.....sell my parcel and find another parcel.... looks like I've got a challenge to keep me busy for awhile..... thanks again.
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