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  1. I don't have QT as a standalone in my programs but if it comes with the client umm...should I uninstall untill they phase it out? I have video media turned off in my viewer, but I'm not sure if that's enough protection. o_O
  2. Hi everyone. I've noticed that in the past few updated and also including this recent update to 4.0.3 (312816) to the standard SL vewer the 'main page' as in the front page where all the links to all the locations and events is very slow to load, and mousing over any of the images causes the whole page to flicker, and sometimes it'll just disspear. This has no effect on the actual Login fields and button at the top of the screen, just the links to events, locations and news. I have no idea whats causing this, and what I can do to fix it.
  3. The front page for the site http://secondlife.com/ use to have a whole bunch of tabs for the marketplace and downloading and other stuff. I dont see it now just the 'What is scond life?' tab. Why did they change it? o_O
  4. If I had a desktop PC that upgrade would be easy. However I did a search for my HP Envy dv7 and found a host of issues with making the leap to windows 8.1. I just hope that my laptop maker can provide fixes in time so I can upgrade. Or I'll have to take to to a tech guy.
  5. This is good to hear and eveything. However I am worried about the new installer locking out all but the most recent builds of Windows. I can understand why they got rid the old and no longer supported XP, but some of my friends run SL just fine on windows 7, and i'd be sad to see them unable to update the viewer after a time. As for myself while my laptop has windows 8 I'm not sure if it can be upgraded to 8.1 or if the drivers it has will work with it. I'd hate to be locked out of viewer upgrades due to this. This just seems really harsh, and it's not taking into account that some updates may have to be rolled back, or dont work for some PCs. I"m kinda worried.
  6. Just a quick update. System scan with Malwarebytes - Completely clean including rootkit scan. Browser is up to date, all addons up to date, no extra, or strange addons. Bought some prietty baubles in an MMO that I play using my card, everything went smooth. So it is indeed not me. :catfrustrated:
  7. Thank you Karen for the kind reply. I do rember from the error that before I was spat out to the page I saw a green lock bar, that in Fire Fox usually indicates a 'safe site' or at the least a verified site. But my memory is a bit 'meh' as the error worried me quite a bit. I was also able to go back to my account details form that page, as it had all the linden links and my name still at the top. I will commence a full sweep of my machene, however I wonder if Linden Labs needs to do the same. This was very very strage and something I never encountered before. If I get really nervous, I might just change my card....ugh thats such a pain in the butt... >_< Also just for clarificacion my addon are NoScript, Addblock and Ghostery.
  8. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this, but I have a bit of an odd problem. I went to re-add my payment info to buy a few $L. I entered in all of my info correctly however upon clicking 'submit' my NoScript poped up with a cross site scripting error, and I was spat out to a page that said my browser does not support Java. I'd try and get more specifics, but I'm very nervous to try it again and take down the full errror. Thankfully no charge was on my card, but I'm keeping a very nervous eye on it. I've never had that issue before, it use to be easy to enter my info, even with my browsers security addons. Am i being overcautious? How does SL keep payment info now? What did I do wrong or is this the fault of NoScript? Any help would be great.
  9. I was looking at a profile today in SL and I got two errors one said 'cannot open due to policy change' and another said something about a 'Recursive Lock'. My Virus Scanner didn't activate, but is that just an internal error? What the heck is a Recursive Lock. :catfrustrated:
  10. After this...that's what I'll be doing from now on. :catembarrassed:
  11. Monti Messmer wrote: Hi, no email client i know about checks for valid receivers. Would be nice if all had to because that would make sending spam a bit harder. Indeed it would! I wonder if a system like that would ever be implamented....hmm. This incadent made me think that while yes SL has no need of a full email client features (as said by Griffin Ceawlin), it might be a nice touch to add atleast a 'sent' log of some kind. That would be handy for remebering who got what, and for remebering emails that it was sent to. I checked my email and none of my picutres were returned. I gues they just get eatin up if they dont send correctly. *sigh* I'll have to set up that shapshot again..I hope I can make it as perfect as it was the frist time.
  12. When my email syncs? When does that happen? Also thank you both for the replies.
  13. Yea that's odd. I just tested with a email that I know does not exist and it still said \email sent!'. Makes me kinda wish it had some indication or return function for wayward snapshots.
  14. I accidentally sent a snapshot to a wrong email. When I emailed the unfortunate recipient of my very sexy pic to apologizes I got a return. Thankfully the email address does not exist. However within the SL viewer it would tell me 'email sent!'. My question is, where do the pics go when they don't send correctly? It didn't return to my own inbox. Do they just disappear?
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