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  1. I't s a great tip, thank you! It works fine with the VISTA AO, not with the LELUTKA HUD. The talking animations is associated to a gesture, so when I open every single animation in a floating window and I play start nothing happens. I'll try to export them. Thanks again!
  2. Like vlogger (and I am not alone to have this issue) I need to activate the mouth animations of my mesh head (in my case Lelutka) even if I am not speaking or typing anything. It would be great also to active the talking HUD animations of my AO too (in my case VISTA) even if I am not telling or writing anything. Is it possible? Do we miss something? Thanks
  3. Ho realizzato questo video sull'evento Engine Room: si tratta di un evento per shopping a tema Steampunk. Insieme a MIna, ho visitato la bellissima Astral Dreams. Conosci delle land steampunk?
  4. My problem was different: I know all these steps, I don't have any problem with them. I've finally solved, my mistake: I saved in Firestorm clicking to "modify a preset" and not clicking to "create a new preset" Thanks all for your help
  5. I am doing this, but I can't find my own windlight, this is my problem. I have already imported other windlights already created, but I cannot find mine.
  6. I used firestorm viewer. Maybe I need to save in the official one?
  7. Do you see skies you made? I can't find my skies there, just skies saved in the viewer. I used that folder to import other's skies saved in the viewer.
  8. Hello there, Yesterday I exported and imported in the official viewer a windlight preset created by others. The preset was in the viewer folder, so I could easily find it. Now, I need to import a windlight preset created by me, that isn't the viewer folder. How can I do it? Thanks.
  9. Ok! I opened a support-case and they gave me. For this reason it's strange it's not online. Maybe they have manually put the homestead on-line after the roll-back?
  10. But Alwin, if I ask how long is a roll-back started 12 hours ago, it's obvious the gave me. No?
  11. They gave me otherwise I would not ask.
  12. I asked a roll-back yesterday, 12 hours ago. The sim is not still online, is it normal? How long for a roll-back usually? Thanks
  13. Thanks for answering! I solved fast asking a roll-back, since everytime I changed the parcel's owner, objects returned to me. I am bit confused about it, I think when we change owner we have to be sure about parcel's capability. Thanks again!
  14. I need a little help, since I am confused. I got rented a parcel giving to the tenant the chance to buy the parcel itself. After she bought it, automatically some of my items have been returned to me. It seems the capability items was reduced to the parcel instead of the whole sim. Maybe because now the owners are different? Now, my doubt is: since her objects are now deed to her group, if I come back like owner, her items will be returned to her? What's the best and secure solution to solve now? Thanks.
  15. Merry Christmas to everyone I have a question about windlight settings: I am trying to set up the windlight environment of my homestead, so ALT+R, I go to Ambient, and I choose my favorite windlight settings. In my windlight, the sun is in the east. When I click apply (to the region), the sun moves to the north. What's wrong? How can I set up the sun in the east as I see it when I choose my favorite windlight settings in local? Merry Christmas again
  16. I've been having some trouble making videos lately. Given that I use the 3D mouse "Space Navigator," I noticed that some of my videos go "in jerks." I've lowered the graphics, but it's not healthy, in the past I've never had this problem. What influences this parameter and how can you improve the fluidity of a mouse that, as a rule, should already be very fluid? Thanks, Oema
  17. When LL announced the arrival of the new houses, I didn't rush to get one. Do you know why? Because I never imagined that the LL didn't have enough homes for everyone who would apply for them. Now I can't choose any of the new houses... it doesn't matter, I don't cut my veins for this. But in this way, some premium users have a better allocation and others cannot have it (for now). Also, some people like me don't like houseboats at all but would like one of the traditional houses. I'm afraid that the 28 days of your bike won't be enough for this
  18. What hatred! It was just a question, not an affirmation with the pretense of being right. A person gave me this information, with the same confidence which you are telling me that it is wrong. Both statements are not informative. I searched instead. I discovered that OpenSimulator was born after SL, so it's evident that SL doesn't use the same software as the OS.
  19. I know that LL built Second Life using the same software for building sims in Opensimulator. Right? If yes, it's really easy and fast to download and upload an OAR file (I made many times). An OAR file has inside the sim image, with all (landscape and furniture). In this case, yeah, problems could be servers. Someone knows if it's correct?
  20. Thank you, Roling. I have a full homestead so I don't have problems with the ban lines. People who are in the group don't see them and the access at the ground level is just for them. Thank you, everyone, for your precious help.
  21. Thank you so much, I forgot the ban lines work up just to a certain height! Great idea.
  22. I need to make public the access of my homestead to heaven at a certain height, but to make it closed to the group at ground level. Can I do this with a script? Thank you for any help you can give me
  23. Second Life® is an excellent starting point for creativity and offers numerous possibilities to express your artistic vein. Nekotto knows it well, having chosen to take photographs within the virtual world of Second Life® to make them as close as possible to a Japanese anime. What is an “anime“? “Anime” is the abbreviation for animēshon (Japanese transliteration of the English word animation, “animation”). It is a neologism, therefore a word of new formation, which in the West indicates the works of animation produced by Japan, including those before the birth of the headword. [Read more]
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