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  1. I received a note card inworld that stated the free is $3.00. I have no idea where that amount came from. @Linden Lab - verify. What is the amount of the inactivity fee?
  2. Don't avoid this question. I want an answer to this one too. How will this change affect the L$ exchange rate? And another question: Will changing to Tilia make the linden dollar transaction fee go up again? $1.49 to buy lindens is already ludicrous.
  3. Someone said they heard the fee was $35? Last I heard was "There may be a small fee." On whose planet is $35 a small fee? I have an alt with a premium account, I'd like to give her a last name, but I sure as h--- am not paying $35 for a last name.
  4. I have heard lots of people complaining about not getting group notices at all. I happen to be getting all of my group notices twice. Neither of these are ideal situations. Any clues on how to get notices once and not twice would be good.
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