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  1. You don't have to RP a 13 year old you can really be 13 to join SL. Maybe lots of avatars you talk to are really 13 in RL.
  2. Nichole I too was here in 07 and then had to leave and came back as Silvie a year ago. I noticed the same as you. The big thing that I noticed was the lack of anyone talking in open chat. It use to be more fun with everyone talking away. I remember people tping into my house ....that sounds not good but in a way it was funny. It just seemed like SL use to make me laugh more. Now I think its a bit harder making friends and finding where you belong again in SL. It is nice though to have the mainland cleared up of all the junkie billboards. Rereading this I sound old lol.
  3. Hi Coco......Just message me inworld! Usually on starting around 9am SL time
  4. They can't see anything other than what you put in your profile. They probably are just ones you already know and have shared information about yourself with them and they have made new avatars.
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