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  1. My friend recently bought a Sound HUD, but unlike my Sound HUD (which is identical) is not able to play the sounds. Do I have to alter a setting on my land property? We were able to use the HUDs on a neutral property
  2. Hi, Thank you for your patience. Mine is most certainly being tested by the issues I am having. I have followed the settings posted by Klytyna, but sadly I do not seem to be making any progress at all. I have even tried a clean re-install, but this does not seem to work either. I have gone through my computer with a fine tooth comb to ascertain that all evidence of Second Life or Firestorm has been removed, but when I try to install again, I get a dialog telling me that the program seems to be already installed. I appreciate all the help being offered, but I do not know how much more of this issue I can handle.
  3. Hi Theresa, Thanks you for your response to my issue. It is getting a bit irritating to me. You ask about my specs. My computer is as follows. Computer: Acer Inspire 5740 Processor: Intel Core i5 M430 2.27 GHz 4GB RAM Video Card ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 I updated the driver earlier today. At the moment I have SL Viewer running. The graphics settings are as follows: Main tab Quality & Speed Mid Draw Distance 512 Avatar Maximum Complexity No Limit Atmospheric Shaders & Advanced Lighting Model both unchecked ADVANCED tab Shaders - TRansparent water, Bump Mapping and Local Lights checked Basic Shaders - unchecked Avatar Hardware Skinning & Avatar Cloth checked The present status that my avatar is presently visible. However, the quality of my avatar's appearance is not particularly good. The skin is blotchy and poor detail. There are ugly shadow. If I undress my avatar, the skin seems weird as if the skin seems grafted on in places, most notably from my hip and below. Will this help in some way? Mel
  4. Well...it looks as if nobody can help me. I cannot waste any more time, so I suppose the best thing for me to do is totally forget about Second Life. If only there was some easy way to return Second Life to an orignal state. It seems both SL, Firestorm and other viewers seem to work together, so no matter what I do on one viewer will also be duplicated on another. I am running out of options and patience.
  5. I posted to this forum about the major issues I am having with my avatar. Let me state the situation as it stands now. Lets assume I have done a clean install (which I have several times over the last few days. All setting are as supposed to be as reccomended. Whilst all the objects locally show up normally (including mesh objects), neither my mesh clothing or my mesh body appear. When I log in, I do appear briefly as a whisp of white cloud but then disappears after a few seconds to reveal my eyes and my jewellery but no head or body. I have been able to restore some semblance of my avatar. This is by unchecking Avatar Hardware Skinning. However, in this state my avatar has awful and ugly shadowing, and the detail of my atatar is dreadful. I hope that someone can point me in the right direction. Please!
  6. A few days ago my main computer crashed and has had to be reformatted. I have now returned it to it's original state. I have managed to reinstall the Second Life viewer and also the Firestorm viewer. Both viewers seem to work normally except for one major problem. Whilst my scenery and other objects materialize normally, my mesh avatar and other mesh items remain invisible. I manage to get them to appear, but only by unchecking the Basic Shaders. However, my mesh body and mesh clothing now have ugly shadowing and the detail of the textures are not ideal. I do not believe that my issue is due to the reformatting of my desktop as the same issue is occurring on my laptop - and that has not been altered in any way Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. I am sure that there are several of us who have purchased an item off Marketplace and have not been satisfied for whatever reason. We then decide to make a negative review of that product. However, on occasions some of us have received abusive IMs from that vendor over the review. Perhaps I am being naive, but surely it is the vendor's responsibility to either assist the customer or make an effort to improve their product rather than attack the customer. In other words... After Sales Service!
  8. Many thanks for your help, Kelli. That is very helpful. With regard to the two other replies I will treat them with disdain that they deserve!
  9. Earlier today I logged in and when completely rezzed in my SL home I heard the sound of a child laughing. I investigated and eventually found 3 spurious names on Sound Editor. I checked around my property and eventually found something odd placed under my house "floorboards" I made a note of the suspected intruder and the present SL group he is registered with and immediately blacklisted the individual. I have also significantly increased my security - including doors and windows. I feel I ought to report this person to LInden Labs or somebody. But how? Since I returned the offensive object to its evil owner the childs laughing has ceased.
  10. Success! I have found what I have been looking for...almost! ColdLogic produces a dress called the "Reynolds", perhaps in regards to Debbie Reynolds. Although the dress in the movie has more of a blousey top, the coldLogic dress has the right length and the right amound of flaring at the hem. My search is now over. Unless you can whet my appetite with something more spectacular! Melanie x
  11. Many thanks for the replies and suggestions. I bought the "Kate Middleton" type dress and did as suggested. However, my personal opinion is that it lacks length and shape for my requirements. The "Tuscan Sun" dress has a much lower hem and as seen in the webpage, the hemline is flared and not flat. Second Life fashion creators have come up with skirts, dresses and gowns in all kinds of shapes and size - especially in mesh. Surely someone must have created a dress or skirt so classic as the one featured in the movie. As I said previously, if anyone wishes to take up the gauntlet and create such a dress, I am only too happy to commision it. Melanie X
  12. I havve searched high and low in Second Life and on the Marketplace for a classic white dress similar to the one worn by the lead character in the movie "Under The Tuscan Sun" Such a style evokes the glamour of the 1950s but is still fashionable to wear in today's modern world. The dress is glamorous enough to be worn on you special night out, yet comfortable enough to be worn casually. To give you some idea of what I am asking here is a link to a pattern (featuring photos of the dress and others) http://pintuckstyle.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/under-tuscan-sun-sewing-retro-style.html If anyone knows of such a dress in mesh I would appreciate it greatly if you could let me know where I can buy it. If such a dress is not available, it would be even more appreciated if you could make such a dress for me. I would most certainly make the effort worth your while. Melanie X
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