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  1. Okay so I have a dress that I want to add lace to, I have the uv and shadow map but when I add the lace to it, that part of the dress shows up with a white background and the lace doesn't show as transparent. I'm uploading it as a png. Would I have to erase everything in the background so it shows as transparent? Also my lace imports into PS with a black background but shows in world as transparent, trying to cut it out is making parts of it delete that are not supposed to. Is there an easier way to get rid of the black background? I tried saving as a png but it oddly did the same thing. 


    45 minutes ago, HarrisonMcKenzie said:

    There are a quite a few freebies around for older kids, and you can get human-esque proportions using a female shape without having to go for a mesh avatar. But yeah. If OP is going for a toddler or baby (what most people mean when they say kid), that's gonna take some money. If that's the goal, they are just better off spending a few bucks to buy enough linden to do it, rather than grinding for weeks on something like Linden Realms.

    Right. I mean I have no clue how old their IMVU avatar is but if they wanted a younger avatar then that shrinking isn't gonna get ya that small. I once had a very old style kid avi and they looked maybe 8? It's not cheap to be the new kind of kid avi but there's definitely lots of places to get free clothing if you do have those mesh bodies. If however they do go with clasic avi I would reccomend checking out Vicarous Youth, they have quite a few free gifts for classic kids.

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  3. In order to pay taxes on those transactions wouldn't you actually have supposed to have had the money go to your account to begin with? You're claiming that 500 transactions have not been paid, yet there are no records of the transactions that exist except for a number about how many have been supposedly sold which could be an error or because fraudulent accounts bought those items and the money was removed from your account by LL (which doesn't show up in transaction history as far as I'm aware). You have zero transaction proof that LL or anyone owes you any money.

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  4. Then that full perm seller would be really shady. Even though it's their creation and they do as they wish with it it would be kinda horrible because I imagine they would shift more items because their product is cheaper than those they licenced their product to. Unfortunately I know of one full perm maker who has taken people to court over breaking their terms of service regarding pricing and the person got their account closed because it was multiple infringements. They also incurred real life fines.

  5. Not much stuff for free for kid avi's it depends what in world age you want to be. You could shrink yourself down to the smallest height and leg size etc and maybe find some old clothing for kids? Otherwise you're gonna need to put like a couple of dollars on there and keep a linden and maybe earn money by playing free play games at casinos to slowly build it up which may take a while. Another option is to get adopted but not all families spend money on kids and would expect you to have your own form of income, also most families expect you to look like you're small and already put together. Most kids have either a toddleedoo or bebe body if they're younger and teens have a tweenster.

  6. Well jealousy is an emotion which I'm sure a lot of people have had while I might have felt jealous about something I wouldn't EVER stop my partner talking to others. I think the difference here is you have jealousy mixed with possessiveness which in my opinion is never a good combo. It sounds like this person is psychologically abusive and you need to decide if you want to allow them to continue to tolerate that.

  7. 22 minutes ago, Fionne Burleigh said:

    I'm a new old player (not in SL for more than 5 years) so I found the first page of this post really helpful - then y'all started getting into tangents and technical stuff and I got totally lost!  LOL  O.o

    I have one new character on the classic avi and then my old main who is the aforementioned dinosaur.  I just loaded her in yesterday after playing with the newer one for a week and ... wow.  The difference between the two is impressive.  The thing is - my main has a small fortune in clothing, skin, shapes and hair and I'm not ready to chuck all of that just yet.  Although I'm sure the designers of my old outfits who are still selling ingame would love the new business!  haha!

    So, how can a dinosaur learn to live in the modern SL world?  Can I work my way into it in stages or do I have to dive in head first?  :S

    I say do it in stages. I started with hands and feet then weeks later I got a body. I'm yet to get either a male or female head.. Not sure I can afford it honestly.

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  8. This doesn't sound like a connection problem to me considering you've had no issues teleporting elsewhere. Out of curiosity what are the specs of your pc or laptop? What settings is your graphics settings on in SL? My old video card used to over heat and it would cause my viewer to crash and even now if I go to a gatcha sim I crash but never anywhere else. Also which viewer are you using?

  9. Quote


    There's nothing wrong with Truth hair I have many types and none have this issue. I kinda think your post is a little rude like you're questioning the quality of the hair and it's quite obviously a technical problem.

  10. Yeah I think they're gonna have to go with Catwa Daniel Bento head and some very pale skin. I could recommend some good skins for that head. Tableau Vivant which have already been mentioned, Clef De Peau  have a Catwa applier now I think. I would have said Elysium but they don't have a Catwa applier yet although have some very young looking pale skin tones.

  11. I (like the others have said) can't be sure that's a mesh head. It looks like there's been some photo editing. I can say almost for sure the attachments (ears, eyes, horns etc) are mesh. But the skin looks really familiar even though I can't put my finger on it. Clef de Peau do some very nice pale skins for men.

  12. I don't really care if someone looks at my items or inspects me. Sometimes I even do it or I directly ask the person where they got it from. I've even found some copybotted stuff like that (I wasn't looking I was wondering who made it to buy it only to find a blank profile and them being 24 hours old then weeks later seeing the real item on the marketplace). I don't really understand why anyone would want to "block" anyone from doing it unless there's something to hide?

  13. So I'm looking for some male boxer shorts that are either omega layers or slink appliers not mesh. I found some really good ones at a tattoo store but have looked for boxer shorts on the Marketplace and mostly come up with mesh ones not applier ones. Anyone know any good places to get some?

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