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  1. If the Lindens would be actually interested in our opinions, they would do listen, and put them in an extra forum. Maybe we should survey that.
  2. Uhm.. this is supposed to work in sl? Or just Roleplay?
  3. Go mer form and wait till you get saved. Over land. well.
  4. Janelle Darkstone wrote: Also, if you have a copilot, don't assume she just enjoys going really fast when you both are traveling at 3000 sims per hour and neither one of you is actually flying the helicopter. But hey, at least we know what that button does now, right? Tari? Right? :smileyembarrassed: Oh, i guess some handcuffs to the control sticks wil help from not pressing "copilot", when at full forward. *nods*
  5. CasperVend has 100% Mesh Vendors to offer.. cant be the fact that the item is Mesh.
  6. MartinaVaslovik wrote: Well that's a possibility, I use the BasicallyGirl AO, and that might well have something to do with it. Thanks, I'll try detaching that and see if it improves things. Dont just switch if off, take it off whilst flying.. it saves your script count.. and as such, will benefit you every sim border change. any prim or script you dont have to drag over a sim border makes it easer.
  7. Janelle Darkstone wrote: Thank you, Lady Tari. And by the way, how about we go out tonight, have a nice dinner, maybe stay at a hotel? Sounds fine to me. *smiles* And yes Tex. We added a swim hud, and Janny is hard to get out of the waves *grins*
  8. <3 Enchanting, yearning and beautiful to the funny end... Great work angel.
  9. Also, the hud has a button to make them invisible if they would be covered, e,g, not barebreasted. A the whole setup is quite script intensive, i keep the stuff off (and always take them off invisible) until shortly before i need it. e,g, the clothing is about to fall, wear bits, undress, make bits visible. An yes, setting the Xcite bits right, exp the skin coloring can be quite a task.. but well, worth is.
  10. looks interesting, shall have a look.
  11. I have a really lovely one from Grendel.. quite cheap too, and the pack comes with multiple colors + AO + Effects Hud.
  12. A bit pricy, but worth it: "Utopia", they have a few very nice ones in the 600-900L range. Otherweise "Sonia", or if you like it cheaper but stil ok, "SF-Design"
  13. Janelle Darkstone wrote: I should explain the last picture there just in case there's any confusion. The reason I chose those poses for us is because Drake was a bit shorter than I was, and I'm pretty small by SL standards. And I didn't want him to look too short or anything so I went with the adoring kneeling pose. He really is a gentleman in person, by the way. Quite overtly drool-worthy. :smileywink: And so is you. *smiles*. But really, the Area looks fun.
  14. Without a doubt: Avsitter. No poseballs is just worth it. Frankly, i find Xcite! Scripts useless.. do you want a script to dictate how to either RP, or feel?
  15. Janelle Darkstone wrote: Can we submit complaints about really bad profile pics? Like those where they're standing in a dimly-lit room with a horrible wall-eyed background wearing a bad skin and full bright hair wearing the same outfit when you meet them in person? i agree
  16. *finished reading though, stil giggling* Perfect!
  17. Id say, go, look for a hobby? Is it Building, Zooby Babies, Shooting Zombies, Sailing, Race driving, Mermaiding.... theres probably at leaste one group of likeminded people around wich has exactly your interest.And other people in it, who have the same interest than you. I guess, keeping the Avatar attractive also helps a lot, for an initial bridging. A trick i love to get up chat was an indirect IM.. As our Avatars cant use nonverbial flirting, try to IM a person with somthing like: /me looks over to you shyly, her eyes attracted by..*whatever something interesting on their AV* studying it.... or /me peeks over to you, try ing to net let you know... .or some other pure emote.
  18. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: the Tokon collar from Xcite can be locked... without RLV. Exactly. as can an open collar. You stil COULD take it off, if you really really wanted, or need. (So, it stays as it should be, something symbolic, driven by 2 persons needs). RLV is a nice toy, but not needed at all. It can surely help the Sub to get in the proper mindset, but its also a way open to abuse.. Trust is needed to make it into a useful tool.
  19. If you like 80ie Music Blackhearts is nice. Ballrooms: Franks / Franks Elite / Bogarts
  20. ...the giant kitty still slides on the zombie paste, tumbling in/on the boat.. not really made for such weight.. and the distressing creaking sound from its hull announces a begining instability. Tari clambers out of the mess of boat-tank wreck & zombieparts & pasta, drawing her handgun. "Soooo well, no taxi.. what now?." She jumps over to Janny and the cat. "Heh you know that cat?"
  21. Puts on the securing belts inside her tank, then switches an ominous switch...a series of weird noises later, the tank stand on 2 legs having totally ominously transformered into huge 2-legged robotic hello kitty...(with insatiable grin and a metallic bow)... Wich spontaneously kicks after the nearest Zombie...but slips on the mass of Zombie paste... Edith says: Bye Typo
  22. First: Dont rush it. Take your time. You have interest in the theme, so collect experience. Some clubs do demonstrations, or schooling, ask other dominants, play a sub or sub-domme yourself under an experienced domme, find out what you like, and what you can give. Talk. Talk, Talk more. find out about the lifestyle, and its myriads of variations. Reflect what you learn.. Find out their limits, likes, dislikes, get in their head, so to say..Its not all bossing and ordering around. Its in a way, more giving freely and recieve in return what the Sub can give to you. There is no "so it is right".. what works for 1 sub might be horrible for the other. See if you can fine little rituals you can add to your everyday Second Life, you both enjoy. Maybe you even find a friendly experienced Sub (i had that luck once), who can give you a few pointers. Be warned of those "i have no limits ones" or the ones who exchange their brain for a collar. As a "new Dominant" you will see offers, infact, you might get more offers than you want .. dont pick the first possible, there are abusive subs too. I had like.. 3 years on 2 diffrent Avs, till i found the right Sub. *smiles at Janny*... Sounds incredible, but is true. You have needs, the sub has needs, finding out what you both enjoy, and how you can spends your time together is true bliss.
  23. Keli Kyrie wrote: How is this? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VoguE-Boudoir-Dracy-Nightie-Champagne/4630380 Btw, got this myself.. sooo nice..
  24. the hammering staccato of vehicle-based gunfire disperses with a few redshirt-equivalents of zombiehood, as a menacing tank with Jolly Roger, Us Army, Pirate, Ninja, Hello Kitty colors screeches to halt beside the boat, dumping anything on the piers concrete socket either in the water, or under the track. "Did anyone order a Taxi?"
  25. Tex Monday wrote: Damn!! She's got the dreaded Scottish Zombie Disease.... Quick, man...someone git 'er a kilt.....we 'aven't a moment to loose.... (in my head, that totally sounds like James Doohan....:matte-motes-sunglasses-3:) *snaps into action a moment later, rummaging in the deeps of her travellers case. fetching a skirt* Here its only a pencilskirt but is has tartan patterns, this has to do! *gives the kilt to Janny, hoping to some stun-effect.* And how is this going to help her`?
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