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  1. No worries, on re-reading it does sound a little.. salesmanish I've used VirWoX a few times now and am pretty happy with them. Shall check out DX too, thanks.
  2. Ah well isn't that always the catch :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. Ahem, no spammer I, I've just never used the forums before. My avatar was created, gods, I have no idea when. Years ago! Thanks for the info, they did strike me as capable but expensive, if they're not actually expensive by comparison with others then so much the better. Still seems a lot for simply converting one set of numbers to another, particularly when executing multiple 'hops'.
  4. Hey guys, anyone here us VirWoX? Are there any better exchanges, specifically ones that can exchange Bitcoins/Lindens? Just started investimagating the Bitcoin craze and got myself a VirWoX account, seems pretty good but some rather hefty fees to say it's converting one set of imaginary money into another, although you might say the same thing about 'real' currency ;) I also have some voucher codes, PM me if you want one. You have to be a new registrant (code is input on registration page, apparently), they're worth L$50 to us both, your avatar has to have been born prior to 1/1/12 and they have to be used within five days of issue. I can't see any harm with just creating an account and claiming your money, never to return, I set my account up a few days ago, have transferred a bit of money around and nothing bad has happened to me yFM(&*QYM(FQYM(PQ ;)
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