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  1. They helped me through a support ticket! They were actually really friendly and even gave me a refund. I should get back into Second Life >_< lol
  2. How do I do this without logging in to second life? I don't have a computer that can run second life right now.
  3. This was my first property I bought just to mess around with, but I'm not really using it and would like to lower my land quota, so that's why I'm selling it. I've built some random experiments here, put together a skyscraper, a bunch of objects, which all come with it. Prim capacity: 175. Come check it out. The parcel is currently named Alpha HQ. SL URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phyllodesma/114/224/68 1000L
  4. I live in NYC and am on most of the time because I now work from home. Add me ! crazyfreaky56
  5. Hello.. I know you are from Finland but do you speak Swedish? I can understand Swedish since I speak Danish, but I live in USA.
  6. :manhappy::manindifferent::catsurprised::manvery-happy: Add me i'm crazyfreaky56 I'm from the US I'm on some of the time
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