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  1. Oh, I didn't know I had to give up my land! 😧 Thank you all for your help! ❤️
  2. Okay that sucks... so if I buy land I'll lose it eh :c Seems like I'll keep renting :')
  3. Okay so, I got a premium membership and it expires in 4 months, and I'm not planning on renewing it. I want to buy land. Will something happen when I become a basic user, or will I just have to pay more monthly fees?
  4. No importa si es sólo para pasar el rato o para role-play, lo mejor sería que fuera amistoso con furries nwn Aunque si no hay especificaciones de ello o casi no ven avis así igual no hay problema :catvery-happy:
  5. :cattongue: -For every "my mate/me/my crush" I'll take a cookie and turn it on fire. Yeah.
  6. Hi Reyden :catvery-happy: I love computers and videogames! I use them since I have memory :catlol: I know a litle about Photoshop and well... I still know nothing about programming and building, but I want to become a programmer, so I may be studiyng that soon! And oh, you like going to intellectual meetings! Would be awesome if you invited me to one sometime (if there's any in SL) =3 Hope we become friends ^^
  7. That sounds great! ^^ When and where?
  8. Well, I'm new and I would love to met someone who looks for a friend =) There's so many things I want to do! But first, let me "tell" you about me: In Second Life, my name is Mi Amor Lapislázuli (hablo principalmente español) and I'm 18! I'm a furry, a brony and a gamer (I play PC games, Nintendo and abandonware). I like to talk about paranormal stuff, anime (specially yaoi!), manga, I like fangirling, debating and learning stuff and... well, when someone starts talking to me I try to make conversation, but I wait for the other person to do their part, too; it's not nice when they don't answer much more than "yeah" and stuff X3 So... I hope we get along :catvery-happy: Creepypastas are awesome.
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