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  1. Hello; I am a 24 YO woman looking for a male submissive. Age doesn't matter as long as you're +18 and male IRL too. CST timezone. I am not super sexual, in fact sex in SL does very little for me so don't count on it. I am mostly looking for someone who wants to serve, so no brats. My rules are strict and I am controlling: I might want to change your name, the way you look (I still like to respect the species you identify as), you won't be able to sit whenever you want when you're with me, to put some examples. Some have thought of those to be too much, others are completely okay with them. I am a furry, but I like non-furries too. If you'd like to have more information, IM me and we can talk! Hoping to hear from you soon ✫
  2. Oh, I didn't know I had to give up my land! 😧 Thank you all for your help! ❤️
  3. Okay that sucks... so if I buy land I'll lose it eh :c Seems like I'll keep renting :')
  4. Okay so, I got a premium membership and it expires in 4 months, and I'm not planning on renewing it. I want to buy land. Will something happen when I become a basic user, or will I just have to pay more monthly fees?
  5. No importa si es sólo para pasar el rato o para role-play, lo mejor sería que fuera amistoso con furries nwn Aunque si no hay especificaciones de ello o casi no ven avis así igual no hay problema :catvery-happy:
  6. :cattongue: -For every "my mate/me/my crush" I'll take a cookie and turn it on fire. Yeah.
  7. Hi Reyden :catvery-happy: I love computers and videogames! I use them since I have memory :catlol: I know a litle about Photoshop and well... I still know nothing about programming and building, but I want to become a programmer, so I may be studiyng that soon! And oh, you like going to intellectual meetings! Would be awesome if you invited me to one sometime (if there's any in SL) =3 Hope we become friends ^^
  8. That sounds great! ^^ When and where?
  9. Well, I'm new and I would love to met someone who looks for a friend =) There's so many things I want to do! But first, let me "tell" you about me: In Second Life, my name is Mi Amor Lapislázuli (hablo principalmente español) and I'm 18! I'm a furry, a brony and a gamer (I play PC games, Nintendo and abandonware). I like to talk about paranormal stuff, anime (specially yaoi!), manga, I like fangirling, debating and learning stuff and... well, when someone starts talking to me I try to make conversation, but I wait for the other person to do their part, too; it's not nice when they don't answer much more than "yeah" and stuff X3 So... I hope we get along :catvery-happy: Creepypastas are awesome.
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