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  1. On 10/16/2020 at 5:59 PM, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    In case Hox doesn't see this for a while, I think that is Calas



    (I'll prod him to correct me if I'm wrong. He likes being prodded.)


    @Yuumo Ichibara -- I've been corrected, or at least it's been suggested that this is actually Little Santorini, which I think, on reflection, is correct



    Why the hell I don't just shut up and let people who know what they're talking about answer, I'll never know . . .

    Why didnt you prod me Scylla? You know I like to be prodded..... (well not that hard....).

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  2. 31 minutes ago, manoji Yachvili said:

    so... how remedy to the sadness?

    doing gym 😅


    mens sana in corpore sano


    (I know.. not so interesting photos.. isn't exactly a story telling but here I'm I)


    It is a story how to cure sadness... By doing Yoga. Namasté! 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Maitimo said:

    Great idea for a thread. Here's one; I even wrote an actual story to go with it.

    Dining Alone.


    The invitation was cryptic. “Come alone,” it said, “The Mansion, 7.30pm. A table will be waiting for you. Faithfully yours, an admirer.”

    "The Mansion?” I thought to myself. “That’s a very upmarket place, I’d better look my best for this.” I settled on an elegant but understated floor length ivory satin dress and a garnet necklace, and arrived as one should, ten minutes later than the appointed time. Alone, as instructed.

    A handsome young waiter showed me to my table but there was no sign of my date. I drank champagne while I waited but by 8pm there was no sign of my mysterious date, and I was hungry, so I decided to order anyway.

    By the time my dessert arrived, I had given up hope of my date arriving at all, but the handsome waiter was distracting enough as I watched him working, attending to each guest with grace and efficiency. I finally caught his attention to ask for the check. “There’s no need, ma’am,” he replied. “Your meal has already been paid for.”

    “Perhaps I should have ordered a second bottle of champagne,” I joked. I left the waiter a generous tip, more than I would have left had I needed to pay for my meal myself.

    As I stood up to leave, I spotted a small envelope on the table beside my empty wine glass. Curious, I opened it and pulled out a note, written in the same hand as the invitation.

    “Thank you,” was all it said.

    Mysterious admirer! Thank you! 

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