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  1. Haha. I thought it to be better to leave some to the imagination.
  2. I use this account, because I am quite a representative figure in a community, .. so I am not as new as I seem. Nonetheless, I have questions on which I hopefully can get an answer on this forum but at the same time I feel I cannot ask as my regular self. I recently, or well, a few months ago, partnered someone I love very much. I have never been intimate with a man on Second Life. I spend my time building, dressing up, organizing and selling. In fact, the thought of any sexual activities alone had my disapproval. Over SL? Insane! Anyway, .. then came Mr. Right! He had never been intimate like me, so we take it very slow. I know he really likes it, and therefore - the fact that it makes him happy - I enjoy it too. Or so he says. See, that is the issue! I never quite know if he really does like it, especially because I am so inexperienced. What can I do to really turn him on? And then I do mean to really turn him on, if that is possible. I do think it slightly arouses him but I really am not sure about that. Gentlemen, does it happen, and what usually is the 'trigger', so to speak? You have to understand I really do love this man, and I want to please him, if possible, over Second Life. What is the best way to go? I do roleplay sometimes, so I take my experience from that, in terms of being descriptive in one's actions and emotions. Not para-roleplay, however.
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