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  1. I was wondering how things have worked out for anyone that has nailed a perfect Victorian parcel with their alt, and wanted their "regular" avatar to try and get the parcel? I know for awhile there was a lot of abandoning and then catching the same parcel with the next attempt, I speak from experience on that one...Now that it looks like there are no Vics available at this time, just trads, houseboats and campers, are they still sticking some on maintenance or are they appearing up for grabs upon abandoning? I have exactly what I was looking for, but got lucky with the alt I paid a premium for
  2. Thanks to everyone that helped me on this, I'll hang on to the parcel and make it home.
  3. I finally landed something that looks halfway decent in Toad Hollow, and I'm at work in Lumiya and can't see the parcel! Anyone have a camper in that area by chance? I was thinking about giving it a shot for today's release, bit if this fits my needs why bother!
  4. I have tried that but sadly enough I don't always have the time to do that consistently. As the Lindens look to increase the premium membership numbers hopefully they will tweak the system to allow modifications to their Linden Land acquisition policies, as it seems there are droves of us looking for the newer and "nicer" parcels....Be it Houseboats, Campers , etc..Abandon limits are a bit archaic at this point as they fire up the new releases more often (My own humble opinion)...I will not give up, and will keep on plugging...lol.
  5. It is easy to get your limit in 5 abandons per day, when you get the same parcel 2 or 3 times in that day! That would be my only complaint in the system, is how to NOT grab the same parcel later in the day after they release it from maintenance...It burns your good faith attempts at getting something closer to what you are looking for. Other than that it is fun trying!
  6. Abandoning a camper in one minute, Crawdad Inlet!...I have now burned 2 tries getting the SAME parcel, an hour apart! (Apparently in "maintenance" for now, 8 minutes later...watch me get it a THIRD time today!...lol)
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