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  1. I`m having the same problems, I did read your post but am finding it hard to understand, I`m 5`11 in rl and my legs are 85 cm`s long, so not sure how to make that terrible crack go away, I just dont understand those number`s is there any way to break them down into plain english?, please help, thanks Tam
  2. Is there a way to pick up my house/decoration on my old parcel and move them to my new plarcel without having to put everything back in my inventory, its such a hassle having to pick up everything one item at a time, i know there is a return to owner button but i want to just pick everything up and move it all at once without putting it all in my inventory, does that make sense??
  3. I live in australia so i set my second clock on my desktop to arizona time and it is the exact same time as second life time, hope this helps, just play with the time zones in your second clock on your desktop till you find the closest time to you and sl
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