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  1. Yeah, things could go very badly on the stilts in that regard. The potential for that is huge.
  2. Yes! That sums it nicely. For me, it's the opposite. I love decorating and the big open floorpans and windows are a great way to show off your decorating and I think add to the beauty of the region. Of course, if your neighbor's are another story. Having this kind of view could be horrible if your neighbors want to throw up tacky things. But coming from the HBs, I'm used to dealing with that. De-render was a friend of mine.
  3. The windows do have blinds, of course. But if you're averse to turning off the view of your parcel from outside, or generally just like having some sort of barrier between you and neighbors, you may not be pleased with the stilts.
  4. The blue is there (called Leguna). There are a total of 9 exterior colors including white and gray.
  5. I'm not sure it's the same issue, but this same thing happened to me earlier. One of the moles advised me to hold click on the rezzer and hold it down for 4 seconds to reset it. Then close any HUD notices that appear. Then click the rezzer again. Evidently this will resents the rezzer.
  6. The borders of each home are marked by Linden-placed pier posts. No way to go flying between them in a speedboat, but definitely navigable.
  7. I snagged one of the homes on water on the test region. It's definitely a different experience since there's nothing obstructing the view of your neighbor's home. If (the illusion of) privacy is a thing for you, or you enjoy a lot of greenery and that sort of neighborhoody feeling of the trade or Vics, then I'd say a stilt might not be for you. I lived on a houseboat before this and the privacy feels to me about the same. The big draw for me, and the thing I'm trilled with is the fact that I'm on the water. I can moor my boat and still live in a house as opposed to a houseboat. If you'
  8. ^^ What they said. For anyone sailing Bellisseria that map is essential. It's never been quick enough to load, but cruising without it is next to impossible.
  9. Not totally on point, but as an FYI, you can find specific items in a store very quickly using the Area Search function in the Firestorm accessible under the "World" menu.
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