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  1. I so love these Challenges even though i have never attempted to participate in them. I joined SL in 2013 and have no images saved except 2016 and up, so here is my contribution. One Love❤️
  2. @RavenWildheart We gonna be alright, maybe Mother Nature will hear our cries.
  3. Thinking about when the Summer time ends and how diggity dang sad I will be. hmmmpfff to winter.
  4. I noticed tonight while logged into SL, when me and my partner are in voice chat my upper body moves uncontrollably. when i disable voice chat i move fine with AO on. however with AO on and in voice chat my upper body begins to move. Please help me.
  5. I notice for the past 3 days on my profile there is no MORE button located at bottom of profile page. How can I fix this or is it my browser. I am using google chrome browser and i have cleaned the cache and cookies and still the buton is missing. Please help. thanks you in advance.
  6. so gorjus, the colours and all.
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