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  1. Hallo Ranma :matte-motes-little-laugh: Bei mir fand die Verifizierung des Alters nicht bei Anmeldung sondern später ueber die Angabe des PayPal-Accounts und den Erwerb von Lindendollars statt. Ich bin zwar selber neu hier, aber ich weiß, dass seitdem das Alter verifiziert war. Wenn Du also alt genug bist, dann kannst Du, denke ich, auf diese Art verifizieren, dass Du ueber 18 bist. Liebe Grueße
  2. Thanks for your answers. But as I already wrote: I took off my clothes, just to make sure. (And the shoes I wore were not animated) I canceled every AO. And as a noob went home dancing during the first week already, that's why I knew about the "Stop avatar animation" already But this time I was not animated nor sitting anywhere. I 've been looking at a rentable skyplatform and when I TPed back to their office I was all strange. Oo How would I "tell my graphic card to clear the decks if the problem persist when I log back in today? And thanks again to both of you for trying to help out. I really appreciate it
  3. Hi everyone. :matte-motes-smitten: I was teleporting a lot today, looking for a nice place to rent. After one "Jump" my legs suddenly folded under me with the feet folded strangely under me. A person in the office of the rental service (That was the place I TPed to) sent me an IM asking if everything was OK since he got strange script messages from me. :smileyfrustrated: I told him I had moving troubles but after flying up and down it looked alright again. But it happened again and again for the rest of the day. First I hover above ground, my feet move to a side, then my legs look like I am kneeling in the air. When I walk I look like my legs are crooked and I walk on my toes. I tried "Stop avatar animations" - Won't help. Tried clearing cache - No help. Took off every Hud, turned off the AO, took off clothes, relogged a few times. Didn't help either. I am using Phoenix Firestorm and I tried to just adjust the height offset (thought the hovering might cause it) didn't help. I read I in forum I should use the "Home" - button, but that didn't help either. I'm a noob around and within my first 3 weeks already encountered lots of strange bugs (Being a cloud was only one of them) and I usually find answers in forum. But this time it looks like I need your help, folks. Thanks a lot in advance for your efforts. :matte-motes-kiss:
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