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  1. Absolutely! Check out the Discord too to get a sense for where we talk/RP the most! It's linked at the landing point. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crevel/130/117/68 Information about species and RP guidelines are available on the website too which I linked earlier.
  2. Sure! I actually was on the staff team until recently, (RL made it hard to keep up), and I have close friends who are on it so I can clear a lot of that up. Emory Haven has homes, it's set up like a community but it serves as a backdrop for roleplay. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a home if you want to RP in Emory Haven. Many people don't and have rich, well thought out characters who frequent the town. But, should someone want to live there and rent a space as their base of operations in SL, the option is available. Emory Haven's sim used to be solely dedicated toward rol
  3. Emory Haven has some members from the EU! It's a modern day fantasy with a Discord server attached for RP when you can't get on SL. https://emoryhaven.weebly.com/
  4. What sort of RP do you like? Emory Haven is a modern-day fantasy RP with a bunch of different species all hidden in plain sight, living among humans. We have a Discord server where we RP as well in case someone can't get on SL! https://emoryhaven.weebly.com/
  5. Emory Haven is a modern day fantasy theme! We have fae, witches, werewolves, etc. but everything is hidden from humans. There is a lot of RP that goes on on the sim which is also a small community where people can just rent if they like, but we also have a Discord server where a lot of RP can be done in case someone can't get on SL. You should take a look! https://emoryhaven.weebly.com/
  6. @Shikobaa Emory Haven has a wolf pack! It's a sort of modern-day fantasy RP. We do have guidelines for all species, but you should take a look, it's pretty fun! https://emoryhaven.weebly.com/
  7. @HarrisonMcKenzie I've played a child avatar for years and kid RP sims are very hard to find. At the moment, however, I'm on this one called Emory Haven which is sort of a modern-day fantasy RP. It's a community, people can RP in the community or just live there, but it also has a Discord server where we get a lot of RP in as well. Kids are absolutely allowed as long as all guidelines for SL are followed (Obviously!). It's pretty fun, I have a teenaged witch and a little girl werewolf on there right now. You should check it out! https://emoryhaven.weebly.com/
  8. Sorry! I mean on the Second Life website, when I try to sell Lindens I'm always met with a 404 page when I've done it fine in the past.
  9. Is it just me or is everyone getting a 404 page when they try to sell lindens? It's been happening yesterday and today, before that I had no trouble at all. I tried to contact the billing support but my phone was breaking up and when it hung itself up it wouldn't let me call back. After that I tried to submit a technical support card but it didn't seem to fit under any of the headings I was given.
  10. So! Because of the wonderful people of the builders brewery I've now figured out that there's an issue with the amount of faces I have... I'll update soon with how it goes with me trying to fix that!
  11. Unfortunately yes same thing happens.
  12. Hey there! I've been making mesh clothes for a while, and usually I just mark the seams in blender, upload then apply a texture ontop, just one texture for the whole thing. Of course this makes it difficult to squeeze everything into one UV map and dulls the details down. So to try something new, I've been using materials on this new project of mine. It worked great, I marked them off, got the UV's ready, brought it in world and applied all the four seperate textures I had. Now the problem, is really that when I detatch the dress or put it back in my inventory from the ground, two of the text
  13. Hi there! I'm not sure if this is the only way there is, but this is how I do it and it works! I make my mesh in blender, get the UV maps ready etc. then upload only the mesh without the texture, then import the textures seperately and apply them in world.
  14. I have two questions! I've searched through the internet and not found anything quite up to speed answer wise so I come to all of you! I currently make childrens clothes and I'm having a little trouble with both pants, and anything involving layers. 1. Rigging pants. Unlike the adult body, when I moved my child avatar into blender, the groin region is rather squished together making rigging near impossible in the default position. So, I shifted my skeleton so they were spread slightly and that's great, but the legs don't stay that way while in edit mode so I can't build around them. Is the
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