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  1. Hi, anyone having issue uploading picture to flickr account? need help can't upload . it said not connected to flickr . Tried to connect nothing happened , no popped window or something . Been having this issues three days ago. Thank you in advance for any help. Getting frustrated.
  2. Where and how can I acquire the additional land without tiers up, According to this ""You can acquire up to square meters without additional land use fees. How can i do this , need help or advice ? Your current holdings and fees are shown in the left column below. If you're thinking about making changes to your mainland holdings, then use the fee calculator in the right column to estimate any changes to your fees. Current FeesEstimated FeesSquare meters owned:44768Square meters donated:0Premium Bonus in Square Meters:512512Paid Tier Level:6553665536Available Square Meters:66048212
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