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  1. 2nd Language School is looking for an experienced scripter who can build a custom payment system. We would need a system that takes payments, converts them to store credit, then can payout to employees in different amounts and percentages. There are more details to our needs as well as other smaller projects, so please contact me in world for more details. I am offering an hourly rate or fixed price based on negotiation and quote. In addition, I am offering a royalty payment on each payment transaction to secure maintenance and bug fixes throughout the use of the system. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please send me a message.
  2. As of now we have interested teachers for English, Spanish, German and Arabic
  3. In my experience with teaching in rl , some schools provide a system to teach in, others the teachers have their own curriculum. For us, the teachers will create their own material and format. The school itself will work out the means of providing teaching tools, promotion and accounting systems. So the skill of the teacher will determine the course popularity in most cases. We will also hold open meetings that will be free. Ideally, I am also looking for teachers or people interested in the idea to help with some of the direction of the school.
  4. To make things a little easier for both parties. Please fill out this google form if you have an interest in this teaching position, https://goo.gl/forms/akmuhCEmPuso9tgn1
  5. 2nd Language School is now hiring language teachers for in world language courses. This is a new project of mine after working in the real world in this field. I am building a community of language learners as well as providing some of the needed startup capital to get this project off the sl ground. The majority of fees will be paid to teachers for their courses. I plan to take small cut of fees for providing the facilities, marketing, and sl startup funds I am not only looking for teachers but also partners in reviving an old sl concept. Technology changes and the advancement of certain features in sl and rl have made teaching remotely a valid approach to reach individuals. If you have the passion for both language and sl you would be a great candidate to join our team. Since this is still a new project, the curriculum is still to be developed. I have secured a small plot of land and have begun developing the location to hold lessons, meetups, and events. I understand building anything takes time as I am a real life business owner myself. So if you also understand that communities don't grow overnight it would be great to speak with you. If you are interested in taking a look visit our location at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionheart Timon/139/184/28 or message me in world to chat.
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