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  1. @Abnor Mole Thank you for clearing that up for me. Not aware of all the technical behind the scene stuff. I don't know how servers stack or load - for all I knew the amount of prims able on a sim was an arbitrary number set. ♥ No harm in asking. Thank you for all the work you guys have been doing!
  2. Would it at all be possible to make some of these public spaces their own parcels? That way you can control the amount of prims that are allowed to enter and not affect the houses on sim? Not sure if it was brought up, just curious.
  3. Hey Rosy, I have an RP sim opening this Saturday, July 20th at Noon. We allow horses (It's a Western, Sci-fi, Post Apoc.) I have another post in the forums if you wanted to check it out! It may be somewhere you find what you're looking for! Check us out in world at Eden's Promise http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sea Fortress/118/210/1752 We'd love to see you there!
  4. Eden's Promise is a wholly new and exciting roleplay experience. Set in the future of a post apocalyptic world, you can feel what life would be like after nature has reclaimed the world. Filled with the elements of a Sci-fi drama, a social experiment dome, cowboys, mutated humans...well, it's a lot to explain here! For more information please go inworld or check out our website https://projectedensl.com/ Ready yourself for the adventure of a lifetime on Saturday, July 20th at noon. You are welcome to stop by now to have a look at the sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondli
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